Mentor Application - Mavis Moovenheimer
Usual character name: Mavis Moovenheimer
BYOND username: Largeamountsofscreaming
Discord username (if you are on our discord): PimpinChimp
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 3 and 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): After learning about most of the systems Goon has, teaching it to new players has been some of the most rewarding experiences I've had! Being able to alleviate the stress that comes with being on a new station or even new to SS13 is something I strive to do for new players, having had a particularly difficult time figuring it out myself. After my now 487 hours, I'm familiar with the departments enough to teach someone the ins-and-outs of each role.

-I know most of the medical procedures necessary to save most folks, and often do robotics. Genetics I'm not as proficient in, but well enough to teach new people!

-I can set up each of the 3 engine types, know most power troubleshooting tactics, and know how to do station repair (though I don't have a lot of practice in it), I also am familiar with mining and cargoing! Mechanic is one that I need more time with, however

-I know the command roles well and understand each of their roles on the station (captain is one of my favorite roles~)

-I know the basics of each of the science departments, and can guide folks in the right direction to the proper processes of using the tools, but I don't have a lot of chem or toxins knowledge on hand (Currently refining my knowledge of science with my well-spoken monkey character Mannicus H. Darwin)

-After playing a fair bit of security and overseeing them as command, I would say I have a solid grasp on the best processes for an officer to have, and how to best treat the station's local threats

I hope I fill the mentor role well, I've been loving the community ever since I really got into Goonstation, and want to help give back a bit more! Thank you, good folks!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None! (I'm a good Space Christian bovine)
i havent played with mavis too much, but when i have they were very sweet and helpful, open to interacting with others, which are all great qualities of a mentor. +1
funny, likes to teach and get involved. Sets up opportunities for others to get involved in things when captain, patient and always optimistic. +1 from me
Mavis would make a great HoS! Consistantly online, patient, and RPs well. Definite +1

And by HoS I mean Mentor, I'm tired lol
I've played quite a few rounds with Mavis in many different positions (as well as observing them here and there). They are an incredibly friendly face to see around, always willing to include people in rp and in gimmicks. While I haven't personally seen them teaching anyone, I've been on the receiving end of their welcoming personality many times IC and OOC (and on the discord) and it's that of someone I would be happy to see on the mentor team.

So I'd happily say +1 but I'd also like to see more teaching interactions with you; not saying they don't happen, I'd just like to see them!
Mavis is a pretty great person to RP and play with. I'v seen them help out a few people with basic stuff around the station from time to time. Always ready to lend a hand and chat to just about anyone.
Mavis is a great person to RP with on Goon3. I have seen Mavis in MANY different roles, so I know they are pretty knowledgeable in... well everything! Mavis has helped me personally with questions, and embodies what I believe should be a mentor.

From a posh borg, +1
Super easy +1.
Mavis is a lovely person, very specifically for the fact that they are both eager and helpful. They're the sort you can always count on in a round to be willing to go the extra mile to help you out however they can. And they'll be friendly as heck the whole time.

Eager, helpful, friend, and supportive sounds... pretty much like the ideal combination of mentor traits.

They also practically radiate competence, in whatever job I see them in. So I have no doubt they'd be able to guide people.
Mavis is such an absolute joy to be around, no matter the role they're in. Helpful, kind, funny and always getting others involved in things they do.

A very lovely and supportive person who absolutely has a +1 from me.
+ 1

I've seen PimpinChimp in a lot of different job roles. They are always willing to help out, RP with folks, and are a joy to interact with. When they run Captain I've seen them help in empty departments/ jobs when needed which shows their knowledge of the game and multiple departments.

Very friendly and knowledgeable player. Good interactions, positive vibes, and does what they can to involve people into current round stories which is wonderful to see.
Huuuuuge +1 from me smile

Mavis is one of my favorite characters to be around on Goon.

Never have I had a negative experience with Mavis himself, or the person playing him. Always enthusiastic, and always so, so polite to everyone.

Whether it is as a Research Director, working alongside Mavis in a Command position, roleplaying out a buddy cop routine in Security, or simply hangin' out with him as the Chaplain, Mavis always manages to make everything just... fun. He's always willing to include and help others in and out of character, which is something that is invaluable as a Mentor.

Truly, if I had to choose someone to be a Mentor, it would be him.
I don't know them for long, but played a lot with them recently, and definetely a +1 from me.

Very fun to play with, gives room for antagonists to do their things, a great captain on RP, which is rare.

I've had lots of fun interacting with them, both as antag and normal crewmember, they try to help the crew how they can, always great to see around.
Mavis is always friendly and kind, and very approachable, they are always polite and interact and help people when they need it, i think they have the right Attitude! + 1
I hate to do this, because I’ve had no issue with Mavis before, and I don’t want to make this a Thing but it’s definitely something to note and work on for someone that wants to become (and might end up being) a mentor.

A certain unintentionally insensitive caricature they recently did was very… disappointing, from someone I had previously had no negative opinions on. But if this was behavior exhibited by a mentor, it would make me wonder if I would’ve been allowed to report it, or not.

Mavis is not a bad person. They didn’t do this maliciously. They apologized. But an effort has to be made by those who will represent the community not to act in insensitive manners, no matter if it was intended not to be.

-1 for now. Sorry.

I want to establish that I do not believe Mavis is a bad person. However I do not believe at this current point in time that she should be a mentor yet .

Unintentionally doing something culturally insensitive happens and I understand that. Becoming defensive at criticism regarding racial caricatures and accidentally perpetuating them do happen.  But I do want a mentor who can be accountable for themselves and others for racial insensitivity without taking it too personally.

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