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[MERGED PR] Nucular Fishin' Engine
I agree that unknowing new miners shouldn't be sentenced to certain death through radiation, but the idea that the radiation stopping suit wouldn't stop radiation anymore bothers me

I can see why you think it'd be a cool idea, but I just don't want to be forced into thinking about my rad buildup when I would have previously been fine.

Maybe it's a thing I need to try out first, but it seems like it would become very bothersome quite quickly.
So, it's been in a few days now. Does anybody have any feedback?

Note: I slightly nerfed the radiation emitted already because the first round had all of Clarion glowing on a basic setup. Now things will only glow on a not-basic setup.
i read the title and thought there was some way of letting people cast fishing rods into the recently added nuclear reactor and am disappointed that this is not the case frown

though i wonder why radiation received such an in-depth overhaul? as i understand, it came as a feature before the engine itself was added. i'm not saying it didn't need it but i feel like adherence to realism should be all or nothing and not something arbitrary. i don't dislike the changes to radiation or the engine itself, though. i've not taken much beyond a glance at it so i'm hoping it's not as big of a gordian knot to figure out like the gas engine or the thing nadir has
You can fish in the reactor! You get radioactive fish, and a small chance to catch a piece of yellowcake.

Radiation recieved a huge overhaul because the way radiation worked before was rough, particularly for mining. You'd hit a few rocks and then have to leg it to medbay assuming you recognised the symptoms. Now everything that's radioactive is *visibly* so, and instead of punishing one-off exposures, you only really suffer from long term exposure now.

The reactor itself is pretty complicated, but you can do a very simple setup that will generate enough power and is simpler to do than a furnace burn on the TEG. You can find it here

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