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new trait: "supreme pain tolerance"
description: you move faster while i injured
cost: 2 trait points
effect: you move as if you had 35 hp more
way too good tbh
just do drugs
When designing a trait you should never make one that screams why would I ever not take this?
You could probably balance this by having much less stamina as a tradeoff
I mean like Virvatuli said this trait is already easy enough to get in game via drug use. I don't think its too powerful but also I don't see the point considering you can already do this with drugs.
its very powerful.
At 2 points you take a single mild flaw and gain a next to permanent speed boost without even needing basic chem knowledge. Mobility generally wins fights in this game (outside of very big booms of course), and with drugs on top of it you become a powerhouse. I reiterate why would I ever not take this trait outside of RP reasons?
its not a speed boost, just less slowdown. But yea, point still stands
Replace the perma speed boost with stypic not making you scream and it’s worth it (joke)
(01-22-2022, 12:53 AM)Yellow Wrote: Replace the perma speed boost with stypic not making you scream and it’s worth it (joke)

This, unironically. Also you get messages like " 'tis but a flesh wound!" Everytime you lose a limb.
See now that I could get behind and you could make it cost a single point.
I think the concept of pain blindness has some legs. Maybe the UI doesn't reflect any changes to health condition. A status effect that kicks in as a fight or flight response?
Who would WILLINGLY give away their ability to scream? Seems like a horrible thing. For me at least.
Painblindness is an interesting idea for a trait though. Like those stories of kids you'd hear putting their hand on a hot stove and their mothers seeing and yelling to take it off because the kid didn't know any better because they couldn't feel the pain.
I dunno how you'd be able to add that into the game without it being too strong however.
You take less slowdown however the health indicator is now invisible.

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