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Borg-Proof Brain Trait
Sometimes people don't like being resuscitated as a borg, and would rather just spectate, possibly get cloned the normal way, or possibly become an antag or antag critter. This trait wouldn't be +1 or -1, it would just make your brain not work when trying to wrench together a borg frame.

Or this could also just be a setting like setting DNR, but only for borgs.
Already PRed and rejected.
If you don't want to be a borg, set DNR and accept the consequences of it.

This creates balance issues for the usage of syndicate cyborg frames and docking stations where a traitor roboticist may take an immense risk attempting to disable/kill someone and potentially be called out or lose the fight in an attempt to borg that individual.

Heck, it even applies to a clever traitor who uses borging to support their rewriting of AI laws. I view it like I view refusing to become a thrall, if that's what you want then you need to accept the consequences inherent in that decision as it's a decision that can potentially affect the experience of other people too.
Yeah I did this a while ago, same issue, if I remember right I fixed the syndicate instances but it still had other issues.

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