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Goonstation Spooktober Mini-Contest 2: reJigging qUarters to be more spiNE-chilling
...did you know that attempt to cram "June" into the title hit the character limit?

While voting for the first Spooktober mini-contest voting for the first Spooktober mini-contest is going on, let's put down our pens and pencils and switch to crayons, scissors, and hot-glue guns, because for this week's mini-contest, we're decorating places in-game for Halloween! Get creative! Turn the Chapel into a haunted cemetery, put a up a procession of ghosts and supernatural creatures in Medbay's waiting area, create a room off of Escape themed around genteel murder mysteries--we're pretty broad about what qualifies as "Halloween decoration", so do whatever tickles your Spooktober fancy.

Entry Guidelines
  • To be explicitly clear, this contest is you decorate a place that's in-game. If you decorate your real-life home, use a mapping tool, or sprite some Halloween decorations, that's nice and dandy, but that's not what this contest is about, sorry!
  • Hopefully there shouldn't be a problem, but follow the server rules.
  • There is no minimum or maximum size requirement. If you decorate an entire hallway, that's a valid entry. If you decorate a tiny little broom closet, that's also valid.
  • Again, we're not very strict on what counts as a Halloween decoration, so don't feel like you have to conform to what real-life Halloween decorations look like. Don't need to make inflatables for example, if you can get the real thing!

Entry Submission Process

Entries should be submitted to this thread as a forum post/reply with a screenshot of the decorations you made. There aren't any file size or file type requirements.

BYOND has some in-built screenshot capabilities, accessible through one of the menus in the top left of the game window. Quick-Screenshot, which has a hotkey of F2, saves screenshots according to a pre-defined format to Documents->BYOND->Screenshots. Screenshot saves a screenshot and gives you a prompt asking what you want the file name to be and where you want to save it.

From there, you can attach the photo to your post or embed it, which requires uploading it to an image hosting website first (uploading it through Discord and extracting the image link via "Open Original" works in a pinch.)

Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one may be entered as your official entry. Make it clear which one it is.

Entries will be accepted until June, errrr, October 20th, 2021. That means you have a week to enter the contest. As previously stated before, after that, another mini-contest starts, and we'll have a week of voting for this contest by the community going on at the same time.


For this contest, the winners are the top six with the most votes. All participants will get a cool medal, and the contest winners will get an even cooler one with shelterbee related content. I'm still waiting on a response from Gannets regarding stickers.
To be clear, you want the redecorating to happen on-server and not using a mapping tool?
A somewhat simple build of a costume shop for halloween, featuring two costume merchants and a dead closet skeleton repurposed as a prop.

[Image: costume-shop9.png]
(10-09-2021, 02:53 AM)BatElite Wrote: To be clear, you want the redecorating to happen on-server and not using a mapping tool?

Indeed. I've added a clarification for that in the original post. I know that might be a turn off to some people, because they might not like other people interfering, but ideally other people would be able to enjoy it and might even join in (as you can see in Bartimeus's entry), in both cases spreading the Spooktober spirit.
[Image: image.png]
Just a simple take on the 'Red Room' urban legend. The room glows an eerie red with the door closed.
I thought this would be a good opportunity to use an electric chair seeing as they don't get much use, and I hope the discord image works. It didn't so I had to update it (Also, I assume what we type won't be used so yeah smile )
[Image: Screenshot_288.png]
Well, remembered this existed, so took some time out of a goon2 round to make this! Not the best, but it's what I could do with the time left
Since the number of submissions is below the allotted number of winners (and I'm still trying to sort things out regarding stickers), the contest deadline has been extended to October 20th, 2021. Don't worry, that doesn't affect the timing of the next Spooktober mini-contest much. Hope in the meantime y'all spread the word and/or submit entries yourself. Three people walking away with prizes is nice, but it'd be great if six people could. We'd like to make up for the dearth of them between May and August.
[img][Image: 2021-10-16-3.png]
Was a bit difficult uploading this, but here it is. A bit metaphorical.
[Image: JCl0IIz.png]
made this on goon3
King Akhenaten's Cursed Tomb Shuttle
-Comfy coffins
-Dead tomb raiders
-Gold everything
-Tomb rats
-Canopic display cases
-King Akhenaten himself, high on cat drugs
-Cursed food (eaten by the tomb rats)
Behold the spooky chapel halloween party!
It was held on sylvester recently, and was quite fun, we had a wizard, a clown car driving clown, the RD got us a fancy lamp, i was the CE and made the place look beautiful, the bartender got us drinks and an officer set up some tables and provided donuts, not to mention how much stuff i bought from the QM like the candy, the candles, the floor planner. I also bought some discount dans spooktacular cola, I hope no one drank any of it...
[Image: Screenshot_2021-10-17_115920.png]
I've decided to declare everyone who entered a winner. Normally, we don't do that, but since this month's contests are make-up for not having actual April, May, June, and July contests, it'd be unwise to stingy with prizes.

Congratulations to all of you beeuties. queen greater domestic space-bee  Let the record say, even if there weren't many entries, I still enjoyed all of them. I think Zaniff's King Akhenaten's shuttle had the best themeing, even if it might not be most aesthetically pleasing, and I commend Rilor and Bartimeus for trying to include other people in on their gimmicks. And all the other entries were pretty spooky!

I'll hand out your "Too Cool" medals soon. As I said in the last mini-contest, Gannets can indeed deliver stickers. All you have to do is message him on Discord (Gannets#3235) and tell him what sticker you want and your shipping details. You can see--I remembered including the link this time--here for the current stock of stickers to choose from.

As a reminder, there's still one more Spooktober mini-contest left.

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