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Goonstation Spooktober Mini-Contest 3: Partying Until July
We're here already. Seems time has flown by so fast. It's the last, but hopefully not the least Spooktober mini-contest. We've written our own horror literature, we've made the decorations, and now, it's time to sit back and party. Yes, the theme of this one is holding a Goonstation Spooktober party.

What qualifies as "Goonstation Spooktober party", you may ask? We're pretty loose about this one. It can be anything from building an entire room off of escape and outfitting it with spooky lights and tons of food and festivities to holding a scavenger hunt in the Biodome to just getting in costumes with friends and having some drinks in the bar. It could be with strangers or friends, three people or thirty, the whole station/ship or just a little corner of maint. It's also okay to invite some friends over on a private server and set up or make a pre-fab themed around a spooky party gone wrong. Whatever lets you express the idea of "Goonstation Spooktober party" (within a reasonable extent, of course). Heck, technically you could have Halloween party in real life themed after Goonstation/SS13, though I'm not sure how you'd do that.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one may be entered as your official entry. Make it clear which one it is.

If you're planning to submit a screenshot for your entry (because you want to show something you did in-game, on a map-maker, etc.), here are some tips:
BYOND has some in-built screenshot capabilities, accessible through one of the menus in the top left of the game window. Quick-Screenshot, which has a hotkey of F2, saves screenshots according to a pre-defined format to Documents->BYOND->Screenshots. Screenshot saves a screenshot and gives you a prompt asking what you want the file name to be and where you want to save it.

From there, you can attach the photo to your post or embed it, which requires uploading it to an image hosting website first (uploading it through Discord and extracting the image link via "Open Original" works in a pinch.)

Entries will be accepted until July...wait, hold on...November 2nd, 2021. Yep, it's past Halloween, so you can have some time for a real-life Halloween celebration or after-party (or recover from one). To put in another way, the submission phase ends about 13 days from now. After all that, voting begins!


For this contest, the winners are the top six with the most votes. All participants will get a cool medal, and the contest winners will get an even cooler one with shelterbee related content. Gannets has confirmed he can deliver stickers, so the winners get stickers too! There might also a third little surprise, like I said in the horror story contest; I'm still in the process of setting up those.
Halloween party on Oshan. I went as "The welder" which i felt was getting forgotten about.

[Image: halloweenpary.png]

Spare costumes on the left for those who came without one.
[Image: halloweenparty2.png]

Three people killed themselves during the party, but otherwise it went without a hitch!
[Image: halloweenparty5.png]
Halloween/skate party on Kondaru early on Halloween morning. Beer and skateboards may not have been the best combo for keeping the floors clean.

The ghost critters were the first to take advantage of the skate cage. The bartender lost a game of roulette.

[Image: Goonstation-4-Roleplay-Sylvester-What-RE...021802.png]

The skater doing the sick trick in the cage on this next image was the one to reach skate nirvana before dying in space due to lack of internals.

[Image: Goonstation-4-Roleplay-Sylvester-What-RE...023550.png]

Attendance was unfortunately impacted by a rad storm that sent much of the crew to a medbay already understaffed due to a massive monkey fight. Party hosted by the red ghost.
Finally was able to make a party on Bombini, a lot of traitor action so it was challenging, many have died so let's just say the ghosts were a majority once the party was open, but isn't that what Halloween is all about?
It's a Dinner Party, with a 3 layer pumpkin cake, pumpkin pies and a lot of pasta!
the dead helped with the decorations as well. 
[Image: yhARGCT.png]
These submissions were so great that we didn't even need to vote :shelterfrog:

Congratulations! Please contact Gannets for your sticker a fancy greater domestic space-bee

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