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[PR] Portable ID Computer implementation
hi i'm here from my other server vacations!

- the hop could potentially get this as an app on their pda cartridge.
- every head should also get this as a tool in their locker.
- the app should allow you to edit access and job title only, possibly with only pre-set values.
- the app can only add/remove access from departments that the source card has the 'command' level for, but not the command levels themselves. e.g. the RD can edit all science-department access except for their own -- chemistry, teleporter, maybe even the rd's locker, but not the rd's office, the bridge, etc.
- hop / "id computer" access allows access editing for civilian roles (botany, kitchen, etc) ... and maybe basic department access (medbay / science / cargo lobby).

this would make it far more useful as a mobile tool:

- department heads can give people access to their respective departments without needing the HoP, allowing them to hire or fire people
- the hop can provide basic access into a department, but anything deeper requires the real computer or the department head
- ability is limited by inability to give out head roles or command access; you can't make additional cards that are valid for ID editing with it alone

additional bonus challenges: temporary, timed allowances, after which the changes are reverted (store the old list and a timer to revert)

this is more of an rp-focused set of changes, but it would make it a useful feature without making it an arbitrary spawn out in the middle of nowhere

E: I wrote this up as if it was a pda app and not a portable computer. i think it'd work better as a pda app (would help enforce the more limited functionality) and could run off of scanning a card, ejecting it, and then working on an inserted card
Heads being able to give people access to their departments would be an absolute godsend for Medbay during mass casualty events.  As it is now you can delegate the actual doctoring to non-doctors but there aren't many people you can delegate the scrub work of "fetching the medicine" to which is honestly completely backwards.
Hell yeah I love the idea of the heads of particular areas getting tools to give people access to THEIR areas.

However! My only complaint is people would ignore the hop. Then again they want this, most of the time

Also suggest chef and bartender getting one time use (?) Tools to give people access to bar and kitchen for assigning a sous chef or second bartender
sous-chef, waiter / waitress clothing boxes with a service headset and a one-time access granter sticker
Geoff should sell one that gives clown access only.
While thats a interesting idea that could be used later, I'd like to remind everyone this is a pr for implementation of an existing item
So I like the idea of the portable I’d computer in theory. It makes a non traitor HOP more able to leave the desk and interact with the crew which is great. But one major point I would point out is that it puts a gigantic target on the HOPs back since a mobile computer able to spoof an ID is candy to a traitor. Without it an antagonist still needs to go to the HOP office or bridge to make their all access ID for themselves or friends giving a much more suspicious situation that an observant crew member can report to sec. With the mobile one it becomes a matter of find a way to disable the HOP, drag to tunnel to strip them of ID and computer, space them or crusher, and then enjoy your mobile AA machine go ahead and jump off station after grabbing a spare ID box for bonus points away from the AI’s prying eyes.

A traitor HOP with this is also a whole other ball of yarn.
(10-14-2021, 09:27 AM)Theunsolved-puzzle Wrote:
(10-14-2021, 07:48 AM)daedalus_10 Wrote: Is there any limiter on the device for potential traitors? If not, this feels like a really easy way to get AA as a traitor near roundstart. Especially if it starts in a prefab.

Your misunderstanding it, it is just a ID computer in a briefcase, so it still needs a 2nd card with id computer access on it to actually use it.

Ah. Alright. My bad.

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