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Spooktober 2021 Suggestions Thread
I'm not suggesting toying around with some of my (and other people's) more popular suggestions for wraith but Spooktober would probably be the least disruptive time to rebalance wraith.

Okay I am suggesting it.
(09-02-2021, 06:43 PM)Rilor Wrote: Make flashlights require batteries and PDA's require power
Make Candles become used up after a half an hour to an hour
Make space darker, make lights produce less light.
Make the station darker in general

Dont stop at flashlights, make mesons, nvg or anything else thatd reasonably use power use it.
Mesons should be powered by the sprit of the engine, but only for engineers and the CE
brobocop noise maker needs a selection of spooky and haunting noises - both existing sounds you hear in AZones and from wraiths and stuff, and possibly new sounds if some good ones are made/found

ion laws more likely to make spooky/scary laws happen - not necessarily murder laws, but ones intended to instill terror and stuff
Spider people gene
make water blood
Bloodlings that don't actually do anything. They are just there and you KNOW they are around you but you can't do anything about it.
Maybe they can make some noise too
make wizards spawn in with green skin and replace all wizard staffs with broomsticks
(09-05-2021, 09:06 AM)Man of San Wrote: make wizards spawn in with green skin and replace all wizard staffs with broomsticks

Lmao this
(09-02-2021, 12:41 PM)unfunnyperson Wrote: Regular ghosts should be made visible for a few seconds if they go over a salt pile.

I really like this and almost feel like this should be a regular feature. Definitely have a cool down for the ghost so they can't spam it, and maybe also for the pile itself so that lots of ghosts can't run over the same tile of salt. But I like this a lot!

Maybe for spooktober, have ghosts have a X% chance of becoming visible when they're in darkness? More spooky shit in the dark!
Nuclear operative armor should become orange and black
Make the nuke a big jack-in-the-box

and the end movie is the box opening to show a big nukie popping out, scaring all the crew to death
Turn changling into costumer, instead of draining people you steal their skin and wear them as a costume, giving you more maximum health,you can wear many layers as you can,and you can shed all of them to splatter blood acid around the area, amount and range depends on layers , also gives you a speed boost
Give more objects/items the chance to scream randomly, just like pizza dough has a random chance to scream when you roll it!

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