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Spooktober 2021 Suggestions Thread
In less than one month's time on October 1st, it will officially be Spooktober. The most joyous and spooky month long holiday this side of the space Mississippi. I'll quote my post last year on the topic:
To those of you not in the know, Spooktober is a time of fun and merriment and delightful scares. A time where the veil between the afterlife and the mortal realms is thinner than usual. As such, ghosts are better able to interact with the mortal plane: levitating objects and whatnot or magicking items into the space station. There are some spooky random events will occur which you normally don't see. Space is much darker than normal.


I never really finished what I had planned for last year and was only able to get to a few suggestions posted in the thread, hopefully I'll be able to at least get that done for this year, but we can always use more suggestions! 

Please post any spooktober themed suggestions/ideas/sprites/music/whatever that you'd like to see in the game here!
peeled grapes, which will cause people who touch them without gloves to scream and fall down since they feel EXACTLY like eyeballs
Flickering lights- the dark in SS13 is actually very scary, having to be in the dark a lot, when rabid staffies could be lurking around any corner waiting to take a bite out of you is just unnerving

Let ghosts steer mousetrap cars

Pumpkin skin for ghostdrones
Special random event possibilities...

Attention crew, it has been brought to our attention that rumors have begun circulating regarding the haunting of the station by the tragic spirit of a recently departed clown. Nanotrasen categorically denies this and requests that all crew cease spreading rumors that are harmful to the station's productivity.

- Occasional random clown shoe squeaks, horn honking and perhaps the appearance of a semi-transparent NPC clown in poorly lit areas for a second or two.


Station lighting seems to have been affected by minor power surges. Please report any issues with lighting to the Engineering and/or Spiritual Affairs departments.

- Lighting(station wide or in a handful of departments) turns off for several seconds before being replaced by red lighting. Perhaps some ectoplasm spawns near the affected lights/light switches.
(09-01-2021, 08:41 PM)Waffleloffle Wrote: peeled grapes, which will cause people who touch them without gloves to scream and fall down since they feel EXACTLY like eyeballs

Take this a step further and have peeled grapes as a valid eye replacement
Spook Ops, Halloween nuke ops, where a new class that can go though walls is for the event added.
Make all loaves of bread made spawn in as loaves of dread, pour salt on it to turn it into a normal loaf.
A dimmer station lighting, higher light volume coming from space. The screaming ambiance coming back to maint would be good too. Maybe jackolanters and pumpkins being scattered around the station?
Regular ghosts should be made visible for a few seconds if they go over a salt pile.
Remove discount superhero
you can no longer hold a weapon and flashlight at the same time to increase the horror atmosphere
Make flashlights require batteries and PDA's require power
Make Candles become used up after a half an hour to an hour
Make space darker, make lights produce less light.
Make the station darker in general
(09-02-2021, 04:05 PM)mralexs Wrote: you can no longer hold a weapon and flashlight at the same time to increase the horror atmosphere

Ahh, yes the Doom3 philosophy brought stationside.

I say, add some spooky antags or gimmicks. The Welder is the horror movie antag we all deserve. Always there, you can't run from him, neigh immortal. If theres any time to enable him to mess around, now is a good time. (If it is even at all recoded)

Add an antag that uses the Rusted Camera in some fashion, but can only manifest in the dark. Creepy maintenance dweller with a camera who steals your soul. (Cast time on the camera maybe?)

I suggested earlier in discord a horror antag "It came from Meat Station." Just a doppleganger type antag that can cause the station to start turning into meat station. But i've already suggested two antags, and even though this would be my favorite, I can just boil it down into.

Make some of the station turn into meat station walls due to a random event. Some doors look like normal doors, but when you get close they turn into the meat station doors and they bite you. Same thing with walls and such. You could even just have an admin manually do it too.

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