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Spooktober 2020 Suggestions Thread
Once again we are nearing the most festive time of the space-year, Spooktober. You may or may not remember, but last year we "decided" to add Spooktober festivities for the entirety of October and not just on the 31st. I say "decided", but really I mean that I just did it and nobody yelled at me that bad... Well, I'm doin' it again.

To those of you not in the know, Spooktober is a time of fun and merriment and delightful scares. A time where the veil between the afterlife and the mortal realms is thinner than usual. As such, ghosts are better able to interact with the mortal plane: levitating objects and whatnot or magicking items into the space station. There are some spooky random events will occur which you normally don't see. Space is much darker than normal.

Well, that's the gist. But nothing stays spooky forever, especially since all the code from back then was leaked last year, that's why this year I'll be adding some more secret things to spice things up as well as some non-secret things. I have a couple ideas, but not a lot so I'd like to get some more.

Please post any ideas/suggestions you have that might fit into spooktober!
Put a costume on all the station pets.

Give costumes to nukies like how they get Santa suits during Spacemas.
let players set their alpha to be very low and transparent for a few spacebux
there is something like a ghost hunter job right? and a "ghost buster" that spawns with a ghost busting gun as well right?, maybe give the ghost buster an inherent radiation resistance so they can handle ectofiber safely to collect them as trophies.
Wearing a bedsheet should make you spooky. Poltergeist power on a long cooldown?
A Krampus/Santa like dynamic, only geared towards Tricks and Treats
Make non-human races discounted on the spacebux shop..?
Spawn everyone with an extra wearable trinquit
Make wraith's poltergeist a somewhat frequent random event antag for ghosts to haunt the living. Maybe remove its range limitations or increase it and have them be in a few select locations on stations.

Give souldorfs unlimited soul juice.

Randomly assign the harmless apparition ghost thing that the strange relic does on a few crew members to haunt them, maybe have it change to a new crew member after some time.

No idea how feasibly this could be implemented, but when in pitch-black darkness have glowing eyes(like how borg eyes work) appear in the darkness some distance away, but nothing is actually there and it goes away when you get closer or shine a light on it.

Skeletons/corpses randomly arrive into QM belt/belt hell and get transported somewhere. Also would be cool if sometimes heads/limbs etc would occasionally get mailed(through the mail chutes) to random departments.

Give ghosts the ability to sort of manifest, but only in a way that they could slowly walk in the halls invisibly(not actually able to interact with anything or anyone) and only leave bloody footprints on their path for a short time. Would probably need something like a 10-20 min cooldown though.

Make the escape shuttle arrive all spooky and in total darkness. Would be cool to see how it'd look with 50 flashlights lighting it up.

Make some spooky(wendigo, hell cluwne etc.) critters spawn in maintenance tunnels sometimes that only chase the person that first runs into them for short while and disappear or if they catch them, knock them down and then disappear.

Just a few off the top of my head.
Another suggestion from me: add spots randomly in maintenance where you'd hear spooky ambient noises, in lieu of the minecraft cave sounds!
Make people who are hiding under bedsheets talk all spooky by having longated ooooooo's

Example input: "Ghosts talk spooky now"
Example output: "Ghosts talk spooooky now"
Random screams attached to more items on interaction, similar to how the chef's Pizza Dough has a chance to scream when you roll it out!
(09-08-2020, 01:09 PM)jan.antilles Wrote: Random screams attached to more items on interaction, similar to how the chef's Pizza Dough has a chance to scream when you roll it out!

ooooooh i like that idea!
Make miasma more dangerous and make it able to infect people with rotting.

Give chaplains a necromancer hood and an alternate bible skin and if they smack a skeletonized corpse with the bible in a chapel the person has a chance of being brought back as a skeleton person.

Make skeleton/hulk versions of every mutant race.

Make it so that you can attach any item to leg stumps similar to arm stumps. This is for the purpose of creating more horrible crewmember monstrosities.

Make swarming antag critters like rats, roaches, mosquitoes, that can pass through people and give them diseases or damage them simply by moving through.

Using a skull in hand should cause the skull's eyes to glow and the skull to laugh instead of making a shakespeare quote.

Or using a skull in hand can summon a ghost into the skull. The skull player can talk and should annoy as many people as possible.

Put a cauldron in the public market where anyone can make soup, broth, or potions out of literally anything and anybody.

By meeting some chemical or other condition a person can have their head cut off but still live so long as they don't go more than 30 seconds without having their head in one of their hands.

All pets and monkeys are sprited to be skeleton versions of themselves. Even the invertebrates.

Admin buttons which let them spawn monsters that crawl out from under every bed on the station.

Some way for admins to spawn in players somewhere other than the arrivals shuttle, especially when tied to a particular job.

Some way to become "spooky" enough that you can make someone scream if you touch them from behind.

More evil clowns and mimes.

More spiders and their variants spawning, both player controlled and angry npcs.

Zombie costume for sale.

Mech costume for sale.

witch costume for sale with green, long-nosed mask (complete with mandatory broom).

Ghosts can guide the singulo when it escapes, but when they do they can be seen and attacked by the crew. If the guiding-ghost dies it goes to hell. The ghosts would have to be a medium distance from the singulo to guide it effectively, so that crew have the proper opportunity to whack it. Should not take many whacks to stop a ghost.

Eating ectoplasm gives you +10 health now, like a super apple, but slowly deals 15 damage to you over 1 minute.

Artifacts should be more likely to have spooky effects like transparium, serum, darkness, spooky mutations, or anything else thematic.

Peaceful anima reagent so that chemnerds can spam it more for spook without having to be an antag.

Donk pockets shaped like the heads of various monsters.

Martian costume.

Blob costume.

Candy corn. This is probably already in there.

The ability to build maize mazes.

When in the right state of mind, you'll just hear things people say or do from across the station.

The gibber is now a ravenous beast with angry eyes. Admins can give it legs.

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. That is, in truly dark areas a grue might gib you. Maybe mostly admin buttons.

Fake syndicate hat that eats you when you put it on your head. If you try to put it on someone else's head it decides to eat your instead.

Implant evil talking things in people's chests please, more admin buttons.

Soulsteel or hauntingium butts that can be possessed and fart.

Just machinegunning ideas out here.

In fact, add an egg and toilet paper machine gun for the trick side of things.
Discount Superhero latejoin job. Comes with wrestling pants, a randomly colored bedsheet cape, a mask, and laser eyes.

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