HoS Application: Harrison Walker
Used to see Harrison on a whole lot more, but i've recently been busy with other things and only just got back to solidly playing the game more than once a week. During that time i've only seen them once, but from prior experience, Harrison has always been a reliable and stable officer in the many shifts i've seen them.

On your comments on how you play security, do try to make time to stop for the little things. Ignoring petty crimes is simply ignoring crimes. Stop, use the whistle in your pouch, yell at folks a bit and move on. If they keep it up, you can always come back and charge them with disorderly conduct.

On the discussion of Batons, I don't think I can agree with reducing the timer. Stuns on vampires should be punished enough for a free removal, and honestly, when I release prisoners in the brig, I stun them and remove cuffs, so that they don't have a free pair of cuffs in the brig to use and abuse. If it had a 20s timer, I couldn't even do that safely.

I've disagreed with you on two things, but I can't hold a difference of opinion like that as a minus, in the end I think Harrison makes a good officer. I myself haven't been around much, but i'm still a HoS. I can't hold your absence recently against you too much.

I’ve seen Harrison on main a lot, he is not the most robust but is very observant. He knows security very well and treats crimers well. Give him the gun please.
very patient and often one of the first to arrive on calls, sticks out to me as having many qualities of an hos. chayot raised decent concerns, but i personally think he has grown as an officer since returning. +1

good officer, can't recall anything major that I can fault them on. always good to see them on the team and I'd love to see them in the funny boots.
overall your a pretty good sec offier but I do have something to point out

In a round earlier today I watched you witness a spider flail and start murdering an innocent doctor. The spider had clearly killed at least a few people and lied to you about being an antagonist. Even though the spider was very clearly murdering an non-antag you just stood and watched while the spider killed them.

I would still give a +1 but please use better judgement

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