HoS Application: Harrison Walker
Usual character name: Harrison Louis Walker
BYOND username: Pieliam
Discord username:
Pieliam#0974 (Although I’m not often online)
Recommended by: Arthur Holiday, Bruce McAfee (A little while ago)
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1 Classic: Heisenbee

Reason for application:
Often, I find the Security team can be disorganised and uncommunicative, or there is a power struggle between multiple officers, trying to command all the other officers at once, leading to the team being uncoordinated.
I have seen behaviour like this leading to things such as Security Officers giving out unfair punishments and refusing to assist the others. With no command, this is for the most part irreparable, you are the same as the other officers, for good or for bad.
Having a Head of Security on the force helps combat this problem easily, as Security has somebody they have to answer to, and nobody to have a power struggle with.
Besides, I believe having a good Head of Security on the team makes the round more fun for everyone, It’s a challenge the antagonists have to overcome.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I’ve been playing Goonstation for over a year now, and ever since I started, I took quite a liking to the role of Security on the station, and the thought of a commanding officer for the Security force has also been something I have been interested in for a while. The boots and beret, the cape, the voice-activated gun, and the threat of a bigger target on your back all seem appealing to me. (Also slyvester for when the clown breaks into security)
During my time playing, I’ve dealt with many different threats, ranging from the clown slipping a security officer with banana peels, to god forbid, the Camryn Stern c-saber rampages, and every time I’ve died or dealt with a threat, I count it as a learning experience. What could I do better next time? Did the victim get away? Did I make it fun to fight against? Stuff like that is what makes Security so appealing to me, you have no idea what the threat will be, whether it’s a power-crazy captain, or a single engineer decimating the security force with an orion pistol, each round is unique.
I won’t lie, I often find myself disagreeing with other security members for their brig times, or their treatment of the detainees. They’re just like us, some person sitting at a computer trying to have fun, and I think many don’t acknowledge this.
On that note, I also firmly believe that executions should always be a rarity, reserved for only the worst of the worst, the ones that keep on rebelling, and murdering people, removing the crew’s chance to be revived. I try to urge my fellow Security officers to follow this too, and not execute that vampire because he took blood from a willing participant. It’s no fun for the crew, security, or antagonists if they’re all murdered the moment they reveal themselves.
Sure, there must be some sort of restrictions for antagonists, like taking contraband from them if they’ve been detained, or asking the HoP to remove their access to certain areas if they’ve stolen all access, but I believe these are needed if it proves a threat to the station.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
Don’t take comments from people too seriously, it’s often meant as a joke and your job is to deescalate situations. If you can’t handle that, please just remain silent. Nothing good comes from security berating the detainees, and you’ll likely just get somebody that resents you for the rest of your shift. It’s better if the crew likes you than them all hating your guts
  • What was one of your favourite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
T’was the wild west on cog1, Bruce was the HoS, and we had a full security team, all ready to root, toot and shoot. We all had one goal: Protect the gold inside of the armoury. It would prove a challenge, as all of the doors were replaced with wooden ones, which Bruce managed to convince the Radio host to bring the studio key to him, to lock the armoury with. Everyone had a peacemaker, the terrible detective redeem gun that needs to be cocked every shot, and a couple of clips for them, along with our usual security gear.
We held that place down until the end, utilising everything we could. The brig security lockdown? We had that active the entire time. Welded lockers (with the occasional corpse inside) and transverse waveguns? We had an entire line of them, all protecting the chokepoint between the brig divide and the armoury. Space? Oh, we had that.
Space was the only cure for those who dared try to be a bandit and get that reward of all the gold. We did so well defending it, that they sent a nuclear operative team at us, which we promptly also destroyed the pods of, and threw back into space with no internals.
In the end, we had only lost one man, in the initial assault on security. None of us were ready, yet we still managed to hold. We had our best healers on the guy, trying to keep him alive, with the others trying to defend and barricade the security room off from the horde of greyshirts outside, trying to get a clear shot at us instead of their comrades’ heads. Unfortunately, he was doomed. He had around 250 brute damage from the flock of bullets that hit him in the initial volley between the horde and reaction fire from Security.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
I firmly believe the best improvement for Security was the ability to fry dough into donuts using a baton, and nothing can change my mind about that.
However, I also believe that the stun batons can sometimes be a bit too unforgiving. The 20 second stacking stun feels a bit too overpowered sometimes, being able to near perma-stun somebody with the recharging power cell for the baton. While not a buff, I believe limiting the total stun time of the baton to something lower, such as 25 or 20 seconds can help Security players to learn to speed up detaining and processing a little and allow for leeway for detainees on the ground, being able to have a chance to escape if security is pestered for too long.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
As a lone security officer, I often find myself spreading around the station more, and ignoring most petty crimes happening in front of me like a staffie chairflipping into the clown, and instead opt for more higher problems, the ones that people scream out on the radio or leave tips on the security PDA channel for. I’m no supercop, I can’t be everywhere at once, so the next best thing is to prioritise the crew’s lives
Unfortunately, this often sees me not issuing brig time, just mainly confiscating contraband, or if I do issue it, it’s not for long, as I can’t spend time looking after a prisoner in the brig while someone with a c-saber is farting on the captain’s face and beating them to death

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
This one might need some admin intervention to get the crew to go along with it
I think it would be hilarious if we could get the crew to go along with printing lawbringers locked on clownshot and have the crew wear clown shoes. It would be an all-out shootout with the shoes being your ‘life’. i.e. Somebody can put clown shoes back on you to revive you after you’ve been shot down
Like a paintball match but with guns that blow up if you say a certain phrase

Cheaters get swirlied.
Previous bans: None! Warned 3 times though
No poem? not cool, dude.

Harrison is good, ive seen em lots and have also never seen anything bad from them. However, theres a few things id like to say. Yes, the HOS is a bigger challenge to antags, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. Tons of players see a HOS as a turnoff to trying anything. As hos, its good to challenge yourself to not be prepared, as it not only gives antags a chance, but it helps you get better at playing your environment. However, with the taser removed, all hos is, is someone with less armor and a lawgun. (and some other things like armory but you shouldnt use that every round). Something you mentioned, but ill say it again because its important, one of your more important goals as a hos is to make the round fun for everyone.  

Im just saying this because I know youll get hos, and your a great secoff, so these are some things to keep in mind when you do get it. Keep being good, +1
Harrison is a really good sec officer, I think he would do really well as HoS.
Very good sec officer and honestly surprised they are not already HoS.

I appreciate how you interact with people and don't have a "one size fits all" approach to security. I like to see Harrison as sec regardless of my role or antag status.
Harrison is the kind of officer that I am legit surprised he isn't HoS already. He's always fair with antags and normal crew alike and is a great team player. +1
Harrison is both robust and smelly. +1 from me.
definitely +1.

Harrison has the right play style and temperament for HoS.
From what I've seen of Harrison, he's reasonable and level-headed in crises and isn't overbearing to play with or against. +1, give 'em the beret.
I've seen Harrison from time to time on main. I've never seen him do anything that makes me think that he might be unfair or overbearing as an HoS.

This person actually made silver handcuffs for a werewolf.... amazing. Generally seemed good and efficient at their job as well.
Good application, good secoff.  Give them the beret. +1
Great secoff, fun to interact with. Yes.
I don't endorse very many people, make Harrison Walker one of them.

Great dude. Calm and willing to give antags a chance, also talkative which is fantastic. +1 from me.
Played with Walker extensively in Security, a while back.
Overall, he was fine. Fair, Steady in combat, mostly reliable.
Only, he seemed to have some fixation on command and following his orders, was quite dogmatic as I recall.
This seems to be reflected in his app by his choice of wording, describing his time in security as having "power struggles" and wanting to be a "Commanding officer".

The latter half of his App seems quite good otherwise. Recognizing that the "Crew" are in reality just players trying to have fun. Shows experience on his part.
I can attest to him being fair in sentencing, and not abusing prisoners.
However I recall (as a fellow secoff) walker taking prisoners away from me and processing them himself. Overall I found it to be quite domineering.

Lately he's been fine but I haven't been a SECOFF. I'm not certain how pleasant it'd be to work under him, or alongside him as I did back then.
I haven't worked with him in a long time since then but I hope his attitude with regard to those working under him, and below his rank, has improved by now.

Interesting point about the stun batons. I can't agree with it being able to "help Security players to learn to speed up detaining and processing a little" as if they're in cuffs,
they can't move or interact with anything at all, so you can just drag them around for as long as you want.

Can't support this as I haven't worked with him too much in the time since he's posted this application.
(As it's quite simple to act better in preparation for an application.)

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