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[MERGED PR] Riot baton nerf
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About the PR
Changes riot baton to do stamina damage like a regular baton.
Increases brute damage by 5 (15). stamina cost by 4 (25).
Fixes a visual and chat bug if the baton was picked up on harm intent.
Changes stun sound from the super quiet generic item to an actual beating sound.

Why's this needed?
The riot baton did an instant 7 second stun on hit allowing you to instantly stun lock anyone. This PR changes it to do 105 stamina damage and dizzy, slightly less (-15) than a stun baton but with infinite ammo and 15 damage on harm intent.


(*)Syndicate riot baton now deals stamina damage instead of instant stun, two hits are required to knockdown. Now functions like an infinite ammo stun baton with extra blunt damage on harm intent.

Makes sense to me
long overdue imo, good
Yup I like this for sure, been needed for awhile

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