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Goonstation Monthly Contest: January Edition!

[Image: fg52CjJ.png]

The DMI :D
If this isn't already on there, this could be good advice to new players
"Remember! It's not about winning, but having fun!"
Here's one I find really useful

"Chemistry lab is out of beakers? You're a bartender who ran out of drinking glasses and angry mob demands booze? Just make bottles with CheMaster 3000 and put them into glass recycler! Infinite glass!"
"you can prop a door open with a large object, like a crate or dead body"
Today is the last day to make a submission, so please alert all your friends! bee
if you need to access a door, try pushing someone with access into it! if its an emergency, you can grab a downed player with access to the door and click the door with the grab to smash them against the door and open it too (i like this tip more)
"Never be afraid to ask others for help, whether in game or through Mentorhelps (F3). We all want you to have the most fun you can with Space Station 13."
"Completing traitor objectives isn't mandatory. Try to come up with your own goals and gimmicks."

"Being arrested isn't the end of the world."

"A talkative antagonist is fun for everyone."
i only just saw that yesterday was the last day for submissions... but the morning hasnt come around so I'm just gonna pretend that the day starts at 6am.

Here's a male hairstyle I figured was well in the spirit of ss13 hairstyles, the Temsik. Best worn with a red suit and shades.

[Image: hZB0Bsx.png]

No worries CT, I was late with the voting thread anyways! Here it is, everyone please go vote! Dr. Acula

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