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NSS Artemis Mapping Thread
Hey Everybody!

If you're reading this, make sure you've read the main thread here:

NSS Artemis will, hopefully be nearly 0% randomly generated content at launch. We may add some later, but we're trying to avoid starting off with randomized content as it can easily lead to a world that doesn't feel all that lived in, and that's not what we're going for

Map Submission Guidelines:
1: Keep the size reasonable
  • I don't want to have to stipulate much on this. Use enough space to properly get across your idea for a site worth visiting, without egregious excess. Not too little, not too much.
2: No simulated tiles unless it's to serve a specific purpose
  • We are likely going to end up loading a lot of map assets. Maybe even hundreds of Z levels. Who knows? This means that we need to keep the amount of simulated tiles to a bare minimum. Only use simulated tiles if they serve a specific purpose (for example, an area with a fire that spreads, or an area that starts vented/pressurized and can be pressurized/vented)
3: No lighting updates (e.g., flickering lights) unless it's to serve a specific purpose.
  • See above regarding. All those reasons apply to lighting updates, too
4: If you need something coded or sprited to make your idea work, do it!
  • Your buds in #imcoder on the goonstation discord would love to help!
  • Your buds in #imspriter on the goonstation discord would love to help, too!

I know that these guidelines are super general, but this really is an anything-goes kind of thing. As long as your submission is cool, reasonable, and doesn't end up contributing to lag, we can try to work things out. We need a lot of content.

If you have no idea how mapping works, we'd love to help you; I don't think there's any clear guides, but if you hop into #immapper on the goonstation discord, we'd love to have you. Hope to see you there!

[Image: unknown-229.png]
you had me at "fix me"
I already have a submission for the map! A derelict ship..
More importantly, it's the Arrivals Shuttle from OpenSS13's Oldstation, Circa 2006! 
 [Image: artemis_submiss1-old_arrival_shut_finished.png]
This small shuttle is a only 15x19.
I'm making a planet for the Artemis to swooce people to!

Here's some dank screenies of this dank place.
That is only a small portion of a much bigger map too. I'd say I'm roughly halfway done with it now.

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