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NSS Artemis Needs Your Help!
The NSS Artemis Needs your help!

What's the NSS Artemis, you ask?


The NSS Artemis is the cutting edge of Nanotrasen's research into ship design, and the boys have really done us proud, this time! They've leveled up their game by with one simple, revolutionary idea: ships that move!

...What? "We already have a ship that moves", you say?

Somebody fire that person. Out of a mass driver. Into space.

Because that's a sub, dumbass. This baby *slaps roof of Artemis* is a real fuckin' pro bono yolo space craft!

That goes to places!

And we can beam down to them!

There's just one problem...

One teensy weensy problem...

There's uh, nowhere to go to, yet!

And that's where ya'll come in!

We need your sprites!  gon get shot watch out
We need your maps! byond happened

We need you! a fancy greater domestic space-bee

The Current Situation:

As you can tell, the NSS Artemis is actually quite a ways out. There's some real buggy shit going on in the starfield, and a lot of the main mechanics aren't there.

We don't have a map. Or any real form of navigation.

There isn't really a game mode to speak of.

Hell, the ship map itself is basically a big placeholder.

But the very basic, core elements are there. We have a ship. It moves through space. It goes places.

I'm not sure what kind of time-frame I can promise for completion, but I can guarantee that there is at least several months of development left in this before it's ready for release.

But that just means more time for you to do your part!

How you can help:

Do you like spriting? You can help by contributing:
  • Planet sprites (both a small map-scale version and a large ship-scale version)
  • Derelict sprites
  • Asteroid Field sprites
  • Ship sprites (that pod sprite is *not* sexy enough, no offense Cogs!)
  • Gas clouds and other cool ass shit for us to fly to/through
Artemis spriting thread can be found here:

Do you like mapping, or want to learn how? You can help by contributing:
  • Small planet surfaces
  • Derelict ships
  • Debris fields
  • Basically, cool places to go!
Artemis mapping thread can be found here:

Other junk:

I'll probably toss more shit into this section later as things happen or I remember it. I dunno. Check back later, nerd.
Urs you're a fantastic person and I love you. Unfortunately I cannot map nor sprite so all I can do is throw out suggestions.
(10-25-2019, 11:24 PM)Podrick Equus Wrote: Urs you're a fantastic person and I love you. Unfortunately I cannot map nor sprite so all I can do is throw out suggestions.

Mapping is actually super easy! It's a bit time consuming, but if you're at all interested, don't let a lack of experience keep you from trying a fancy greater domestic space-bee

We have literal months before Artemis will be ready for its first round. There's no rush, and plenty of time to learn, and there's tonsa people (including me) who'd be happy to teach more people how to map.

It's gonna take a lot of people to make this come together. Artemis will be our ship by the time this is all said and done.
Does this mean we will finally be able to visit the ship with a distress signal in the quantum telescope?
im gonna make space mcdonals
Let me mention how exciting this is.

I can't do much, maybe make a basic map blueprint or something? But fuck I can try.
new ship sprites by Lizzy really sell the effect:

Update post!

Arjuna is in!

galactic objects can now do various things on_load()!

Update post.

Galactic Objects now show a little HuD thingie when they're nearby.

You can now scan galactic objects for various effects.

Scanning eyesenhower outputs a message to chat and fucks with the ship sprite.

Scanning F1X-M3 plays a little animation and brings up a browser window.

Lot of room here for having object scanning be like, a whole thing.

in future scanning will ususally bring up a little message box telling you some basic stuff about the planet
or bring up a dialogue box with whoever lives there. Certain planets or objects obv. might not take kindly to you bothering them.

Update Post: Navigation is now a thing!

Still a bunch of visual bugs to work though, and while making this video I noticed a couple bugs in the flight controls, but this seems so damn close to being playable!

Please contribute maps and spritework, if you can! a fancy greater domestic space-bee

i agree with my pal urs if you would like an excuse to make a silly (or cool!) little (or big!) map or have a dumb (or good!) idea for a planet or space station or ship or rest stop, please just stop on by the goon discord, bum around in #imcoder and #immapper for some tips, and get something nice done
Update: you can now drop these lil' drones to bookmark locations for later. Fancy!
I've still been working on this!!

Mostly back end stuff for now, but, well, here's something to hold you over until I can give you a real update post:

Merry Christmas!
Bumping the shit out of this to get more attention.

As explained in this post and by Emily, the system is fully operational and ready for implementation. There just... isn't content. Come on, help, and we can 100% make this a reality!

Though what would be nice to know is:

What needs focus? Ship weapons? Planet sprites? What?
Right now we are mostly just looking to produce a ton of prefabs; interesting places to go with interesting loot or things to look at. Ideas, maps, sprites for maps, etc.

we have some planet sprites in the sprites thread. It would be awesome if we could get like 4 or 5 prefabs per planet that already exists. check them out!

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