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NSS Artemis Needs Your Help!
[Image: unknown.png]

Current State:
  • Pulled Artemis code up to more recent master
  • Setup some defines to enable Artemis functionality.
    • _std/defines/
        • Causes Artemis code to be compiled.  Loads the Artemis zLevel.
        • Forces spawned players to load onto Artemis
  • Artemis and Arjuna Changes
    • Using new auto lead walls
    • Now has some lights and uses SMES/RTG
    • Fabricator added to generate specific content (Navigation Satellite)
    • Loader added to provide equipment to ship.
    • Ship HUD will show when close enough to a “Galactic Object” to allow for the planetary teleporter to work.
  • Randomly Generated Planets
    • Will create a handful of planets based on 1 of 3 icons that are assigned 1 of 9 colors.  Randomly generated names.
    • Planets can be assigned 1 of 7 landing zones for use with the planetary teleporter.
    • Randomly generated planets use the Jungle Biome Generator and can pull in “Planet” prefabs (Only have 2 prototype prefabs)

Project Board:

  • What's the concept for a rough gameplay loop on an Artemis round?
    • Unknown, I don’t know if this necessarily has to be an Artemis centric round due to the size of the ship itself.

  • What's already done (be it fully or partially)?
    • See above and the youtube videos.

  • Which planned or proposed features have yet to be coded or aren't complete enough to play around with?
    • See Project Board!

  • Is there anyone planning to do said features, and if so, when did they last chime in on the topic?
    • I’m planning on whittling away at things, but am excited to have others pile on.  Especially if it means I don’t have to make more terrible sprites.

Hit me up on Discord, send me some PRs, lets see where we can take this.

- Event to allow crew to find Artemis with Quantum Telescope and LRT.
- Randomly generated asteroids with scanning.
- Planet Scanning
- Ambient Lighting for Planets
Woah this is really interesting! Good job!
I just found out about this, has anything developed since July? I have a few ideas, but I'm relatively new to most of the contribution side of Goonstation.
(09-16-2021, 11:29 PM)swinglow20 Wrote: I just found out about this, has anything developed since July? I have a few ideas, but I'm relatively new to most of the contribution side of Goonstation.

Azrun's still working on it, you can probably ask them about it in #imcoder
I've let myself get side tracked by a number of other projects as well as trying to merge some mechanics/feature back into the game so it can be used before Artemis is done.

Major changes have been mostly been polishing some of the features that existed in July, allowing for deterministic randomized generation, and generation of randomized galaxies which probably may or not be ultimately used. still outlines a list of things I want/plan to do and ways others can help out.  Additionally the addition of flora/fauna for Forest/Desert/Snow biomes for the current Station transformation can/would contribute to Artemis.
I'm seeing requests for sprites for the Abzu(Oshan) Planet Ship and a fabricated satellite, which both sound really interesting but I don't really have any specific context for what the expectations are with those.

Mind clueing me in when someone gets a chance and I'll see about knocking those out? After watching your latest demo I'm really impressed and intrigued.
Sorry some of those notes assume you are inside my head.  "Ship" referring to what you see when you are inside the ship, looking out the window.  Those assets are currently 528x528.

Fabricated satellite would be the representation of this that you load into a chute to refill your stock of satellites.
Do any of you recommend a spriting program or something? I'm down to help but entirely new to this stuff.
Aseprite is the gold standard, but it isn't free unless you plan to compile it yourself. Otherwise, anything you're comfortable with: GIMP, Photoshop, Piksel, Dream Maker.
god this looks dope as hell
(08-01-2023, 01:50 PM)The Wrote: god this looks dope as hell


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