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Horror House Hotel (Weird Forum Game Idea)
(10 hours ago)Superlagg Wrote: Vore neko.


Stop that


Time: 1:00

You think there's something that needs doing, but Neko let's out one last bit of information before you go.

Neko Zombie: You'll need to eavesdrop on the other residents to learn about them.  They'll talk to themselves sometimes, yes.  So make sure to keep an ear out.

Neko Zombie: If you can figure out my weakness, I'll give you something for your effort, yes.

Now that you think about it, a strange blue mist has been orbiting Neko for some time now.  It looks similar to what you saw in that dream.

Bidding farewell, you decide to check on Gregory, but he doesn't seem to have returned yet.  You decide to check the door behind the counter.  On it is a sign that reads "Staff Only".  You open the door and...

It's just an ordinary bedroom.  It has two beds, a small desk, a bookshelf, a desk and a chair.  On the desk is a candle and a book.

The book appears to be a diary.  A shame, you've been feeling like sorting a portfolio for some reason.
Raid the desk and bookshelf for loot. Tear up the bed and throw the chair on one of them. Throw a candle on another. Make sure it is still burning.

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