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Face the fear. Build the future. (Second Run, watch your characters die horribly!)
Fun fact.  Though I doubt anyone thought so, I haven't forgotten about nor given up on this yet.
In fact, I just finished a recording.
It is almost day time, and not a good time for editing.
Probably tomorrow night.
Last time I uploaded it took 2 hours and it tanked my internet in the process so when I'm not disturbing anyone in the house would be nice.

Edit:Good news.  I'm the only one in the house, expected to be for a while, and I don't give a damn if my internet tanks since I have plenty of things that don't rely on the internet that I can do.  Expect it than expected.
I think I was a little out of it last night...

Decided to try to rotate characters around so everyone got a chance to see how they die. Hooray!
Holy fuck don't leave me alone for like three hours
you spelled lobotomy wrong. also geez
haha awesome. newest video was great. One thing im liking in my own playthrough is you can start a new game with all the intel youve unlocked so far giving you a better chance at doing better on subsequent attempts. Looking forward to more updates!
(01-14-2019, 02:27 AM)NateTheSquid Wrote: you spelled lobotomy wrong. also geez

I will make this mistake at least one per day and will fail to notice at least once per week.

It's a damn curse I tells ya.
Fun fact.  Did you know that the game was completely different than the game we have now?  Sure, the same basic concept, but it went under a major overhaul.

Abnormalities had a mood, which could fluctuate randomly over the day, and certain abnormalities acted based on their current mood, meaning shit could easily go to hell fast through no fault of the player, even with the knowledge they need to safely work with said abnormalities.  Energy  also was gained and even lost based on their mood.  Characters had a lot of personality traits, and even a gender, that could potentially determine things like not getting instantly killed by a giant spider or putting on those shoes that make you go on a rampage.

Also, people looked like this.

[Image: 220?cb=20170219051908]

It's better this way.

Huh?  Why am I bringing this up now?

I'm just trying to hide the fact that nothing really happened this time around I guess.

Another fun fact. Due to work, my free time on workdays has been cut down by 2 hours a day. I got lucky with "bad weather" (seriously you guys it's not that bad.) and got to go home at the normal time on Tuesday, but updates should be expected less often for now.
On Today's episode.

An old lady tells a story.
And Technature pushes a button.

On a side note, I'll probably stop updating on here.  Everyone that wants to keep up on it probably subscribed by this point and necroing seems silly.
before this thread dies id like to mention how nice mr dunkleman ended up looking, especially in the spiffy medical coat
[Image: tumblr_po6q9ijpKr1rpf6nso1_640.png]

So fuck it, let's just keep the thread going until I beat this thing.
Or cry from losing so much.
Either are pretty possible.

Episode 5
That button's pretty wacky.  And we panic.  For no real good reason, but we do it anyway.

Episode 6
If you care about the story, you may be interested that we discover something quite nasty today.  Specifically, the cleanliness of my work space.  I'm pretty sure OSHA would not like this at all.  Game wise, we accidentally drive someone insane, then proceed them.

Episode 7
You may be wondering "How do you manage literal sound?".  To that, I say "Don't think about it.  Just, for the love of god, don't think about it.".
Also, SS13 isn't the only game where someone can just go braindead apparently.
Episode 8

Give me a D!  E!  A T H!
(D!  E!  A T H!)
What does that spell!?!

...what no...why would you even...
This last episode gave me this as a possible thumbnail this time around.

[Image: panic-disorder-971.jpg]

Spoilers:It, doesn't really fit.


I mean really, it's super weird that youtube picked up a picture used less than a second out of sheer sarcasm.
Episode time!

I got that same image again as a thumbnail.

What the actual fuck?
(03-30-2019, 05:01 PM)Technature Wrote: Episode time!

I got that same image again as a thumbnail.

What the actual fuck?

i think youtube has an actual algorithm that chooses thumbnails, rather than random image grabs at certain times, so it probably prefers small things like this than what looks like the same screen for most of the video
Huh? There's nothing there...

It's amazing people don't die more often, it really is.
hahaha awesome! Loved the victory music when Sam Eagle got out of the horrific monsters room. I havent been following as much i need to catch up!

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