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Face the fear. Build the future. (Second Run, watch your characters die horribly!)
Hey, so uuuhhhhhhhh
I found this game browsing through steam.

[Image: a90d25a0f261f5bf59ff45cb5be1f579b03ab6f6.jpg]

For those who can't be bothered, here's the basic premise.

Do you know what the SCP foundation is?  Yeah, think that.

If yes, ignore the next paragraph.  Or don't.  What do I care.

          Welcome to the Lobotomy Corporation, the latest and greatest power generating company humanity has ever known.  No one knows how they've crushed their competition, but you've been hired on board due to your previous management skills...probably.  So since you've signed the contract of silence, we can tell you the source of the power...Creatures and objects of mysterious origin.  Your job as manager is to oversee the facility you're assigned to and make sure your agents are going about collecting data and getting the most energy possible from the things in our facility.  Course, you need to be careful.  The things do like to break out from time to time and cause minor issues.  Like death sometimes.  And insanity.  Friendly reminder as per the contract, any information found here that leaks to the public traced back to you earns a special one way ticket to execution <3.  You'll do fiiiiiiiine.  What could possibly go wrong?

Now, as someone who has never actually played the game, I saw an opportunity (as from what I can tell it's not the most well known thing out there) where we can enjoy the suffering together.  After watching a gameplay video for day 1, 2, and 3, I found out you can customize the people you hire.

So, uh, I guess the main thing I'm wondering is, if I did this weird Let's play would anyone be interested in it?
Possibly Probably Likely watch a minime die in some strange and horrible way? That's like, my main draw for SS13: Latejoin, find some mad experiment, antag or other vehicle of death and throw myself at it. I was born to be D-class. Well, given Nanotrasen -- that's entirely possible probable likely.


I'll watch if you put it up. Granted I'd suggest only going through the trouble if you enjoy the game/lphobby. You could also hit up the reddit and make this ss13-wide for participation, but I don't know how comfortable you are with the less-vita trolls.
I'd like my dude to show up in-game, where do I sign up?
Okay, it sounds good.

I'm not completely surprised, but there seems to be nothing online that shows the custom options (and there's a decent amount apparently), so I'll see if I can't make a quick recording of the options.

Edit coming soon :3

Quick edit:Customizing your agents costs more.  Go figure.

Well that was surprisingly time consuming.

Let's just go the quickest way of doing this.

The words are hard to see on the video (and in the game my eyes hurt now) but here's the options.  There's also a 0 option, so there's actually 1 more option to everything.

Front Hair (Out of 40)
Back Hair (Out of 28)
Hair color (RGB values.  Or just give me the color and I'll try to work with it.)

Basic Eyes (Out of 44)
Basic Eyebrows (Out of 20)
Basic Mouth (Out of 20)

Combat Eyebrows (Out of 7)
Combat Mouth (Out of 7)

Panic Eyes (Out of 7)
Panic Eyebrows (Out of 7)

Dead Eyes (Out of 3)

If you don't care about something, let me know and I'll just randomize it.
Sam Eagle

Front Hair 2
Back Hair 0
Hair color Blue

Basic Eyes 3
Basic Eyebrows 11
Basic Mouth 13

Combat Eyebrows 5
Combat Mouth 4

Panic Eyes 4
Panic Eyebrows 0

Dead Eyes 2

nice job with the video
Haha, since when is #FFFFFF grey? Downs botches suicide

Well, color is most important so I'll go with:

Front Hair: 37
Back Hair: 28/nothing
Hair Color: 255, 170, 255

Basic Eyes: 20
Basic Eyebrows: 14
Basic Mouth: 15

Combat Eyebrows: 5
Combat Mouth: 6

Panic Eyes: 7
Panic Eyebrows: 3

Dead Eyes: 3

Edit: Adjusted. The combat, panic, and dead choices were almost a copy of Recursor's.
OC mcnosteal time big grin

Ereven Nailo

Front Hair: 24
Back Hair: 6
Hair Color: 166,0,144

Basic Eyes: 14
Basic Eyebrows: 6
Basic Mouth: 15

Combat Eyebrows: 3
Combat Mouth: 3

Panic Eyes: 6
Panic Eyebrows: 4

Dead Eyes: 1

For a second character

Eam Sagle

Front Hair 2
Back Hair 0
Hair color Orange

Basic Eyes 38
Basic Eyebrows 5
Basic Mouth 9

Combat Eyebrows 6
Combat Mouth 3

Panic Eyes 6
Panic Eyebrows 7

Dead Eyes 2
Oh right, name. IGN is Manne Love. Vitatroll is fine too. I don't really play SS13 anymore outside of occasionally treating the station like a chatroom.
So some of the hair options (most of the precolored ones) act weird with the colors so I decided to show them real quick in case you wanted changes.

[Image: tumblr_pksp94fDRU1rpf6nso1_500.png]

I can't for the love of me get Orange on Eam.
I got it on Pinky without trying though.  Switching it over without color changes just gave me brown and that's kinda frustrating to me.
On a side note, if you don't give me a name I'm going with whatever the game gives me.
So 90% of the time assume the color will be darker than expected if you give me numbers I guess.

Also, Bonus.
[Image: tumblr_pksp94fDRU1rpf6nso2_250.png]

Also I got an idea to write journal entries on the various things so uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh yeah.
I guess I could join in. (EDIT FOR TECHNATURE TO READ: 1 looks better to me)

Name - Roman Lawhon
Hair is something I can't actually seem to pin down watching the video. Best I can do is give you the color and how it looks in SS13. 

[Image: 48c11b88011994e126c57ba3de9ddbe1.png]
RGB (100, 49, 9)
Hex (#643109)

I don't think anyone else here noticed that you can actually have 4 different faces. (Default, Combat, Panic, Dead) 

Eyes: Basic Eyes 7
Eyebrows: Basic Eyebrows 3
Mouth: Basic Mouth 17

Eyes: Basic Eyes 12
Eyebrows: Combat Eyebrows 3
Mouth: Combat Mouth 7

Eyes: Panic Eyes 1
Eyebrows: Panic Eyebrows 3
Mouth: Basic Mouth 14

Eyes: Dead Eyes 0 
Eyebrows: Basic Eyebrows 0
Mouth: Basic Mouth 0
I'll get something up real quick.
Just a quick note, the way I made the form was intentional.  If the option isn't there, the game takes the option from the default choice.

For example, the only thing on the dead face is the Eyes, so your face would be the dead eye choice as well as whatever your basic choices were (in this case, Brow 3 and Mouth 17).

Edit soon.

Edit but not the edit I wanna make fuck:
Apparently I was wrong on that, the panicking face takes anything it's missing from your fighting face (so it would have combat 7 in that situation).  My mistake.

Edit I wanted to make:
[Image: tumblr_pksw3070OO1rpf6nso1_250.png]
Wanted to choose between 1 and 11, went with 11.  Let me know if you think you would prefer 1.
Or something else.
(01-03-2019, 11:14 PM)Technature Wrote: On a side note, if you don't give me a name I'm going with whatever the game gives me.

Also, Bonus.
[Image: tumblr_pksp94fDRU1rpf6nso2_250.png]
Name's Manne Love, since it seems like we're going more SS13 characters over forum names. Random is fine too if that ship has sailed.

Oh and, I kinda want a plushie of that.

I don't buy plushies.
Nathan Dunkleman

Front Hair 22
Back Hair 3
Hair color Hot Pink

Basic Eyes 7
Basic Eyebrows 4
Basic Mouth 4

Combat Eyebrows 3
Combat Mouth 2

Panic Eyes 7
Panic Eyebrows 0

Dead Eyes 1

also that video was surprisingly useful
quick request/note, I meant for the "back hair" (seems so weird to type it like that haha) to be short, not long. Normal male haircut syle. super cool though I love his evil twin! If its expensive to change in game than fuck it big grin
I was going for cheerful, that's downright evil!

I love it.

Also any changes made to Sam, please reflect in Eam if possible (excluding eyes, mouth and eyebrows)

Wait we can choose normal eyes for combat/panic? Sweet! I wanna get normal eyes 24 for panic with a smile of your choice (On Nailo)

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