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Official Oshan FIX THIS SHIT Thread!
There is a spy starter kit box with gear from the old spy game-mode in security on the table. This includes a syndie-dagger, suppressed pistol and the multi-use implanter.
Engineering footlockers do not contain a toolbelt. How rude.

ADMIN EDIT: Better make friends with the QM!

ANOTHER ADMIN EDIT : I'm like 99% sure the engineer lockers start with a toolbelt inside. Maybe they were already looted?
The gas outtakes on the two toxins burn Chambers don't work. No matter how high you set the pumps gas will never be sucked out of the chamber and into a can. These are the gas hookups highlighted with the red tiles. Ensured valve was open and that the can was properly connected.

Mordent Edit: Unsure if still an issue, I'm not really up to speed on how toxins works in general. If someone could confirm if this is still a thing that'd be great.

Toxins only spawns with a single Atmos scanner, could we maybe get two?

Mordent Edit: Sure.

Escape has a staircase just outside the airlock to shuttle(sub?). This causes escape shuttle to flood when it arrives and doors open. Please consider moving the airlock to where the stairs are
Could not repair exposed ocean floor tile in medbay as it just registered as "water" when moused over

 mbc : use new "interact" rclick verb or ctrl+shift+alt hotkey
There is still no /mnt/artlab. I think the databank doesn't have the right ThinkTape.
is this supposed to be a joke??? the two medkits in security are empty and spawn that way. the brute medkit in the interrogation room is fine though
Less of a bug, more of a complaint/question, so just delete if it's pointless.
Can we have more than about 3 drains in the entire station to start off with? The moment there is any hull breach the water is near impossible to contain, seal, or even counteract without being finished by the time the shuttle arrives after being immediately called. Hallways are long and it's very easy for the flooding to get absolutely everywhere, especially considering BYOND's water physics.

Mordent Edit: At time of edit (2019-04-07), we're decently happy with the drain placement. Hallways are well drained, departments are not so you can still mess with them and they'll need repair.
Mining hanger has a light floating in mid air
[Image: kZj27Xu.png]
While adding an airlock and a disposals system to toxins it seems you have removed the hanger controls.
Robotics' south door can be opened by anyone, shouldn't that be roboticist only?

ADMIN EDIT: The access is set right? I dunno.
The Research Dock's light switch has moved from the wall to the middle of the floor after the addition of the transport pipes.
When using the Ghost Drone's RCD (not sure if this also applies to the normal RCD), using Interact Floor on the right-click menu doesn't work. It makes trying to build anything underwater impossible

EDIT: On further faffing around today, I think the right click Interact and Interact Floor may just straight up not work for Cyborgs and Ghost Drones
No syringe in the morgue for the embalming fluid, nor a mortician's suit for the people doing the embalming.

The SMES on the research outpost doesn't seem to pick up power from the furnaces. It does, however, get charged from the main station's grid. I think this may be at least in part due to the way its input and output are connected to the furnaces, the outpost and the main grid all at once. Maybe change it so that the input is just the furnaces and grid power, and the output is just the outpost.

Clarification on artlab problem: The databank in the artifact lab is a blank, generic databank, rather than the artlab databank.
I don't know if it's the water mixing with the oil at arrivals (though it's my most likely guess), but when a good chunk of the station is flooded and then the water is heated, this can result in the entire station blowing up as a field of fire sweeps through the station. Up to thrice in the same round, in short succession.
Ghost drone factory currently has one charger slot that goes unused because all the outlets appear to be shifted one "room" over, so one of the finished drones just gets shit out uselessly on the floor.

[Image: 23e72b4c19.png]

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