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Official Oshan FIX THIS SHIT Thread!
Got a bug with the map?  Post it here!
Oshan needs flippers for the nuke ops, everyone on the station is WAY faster than them at the moment.

e: Maintenance was fully flooded, then suddenly all the water vanished and it started to flood again. The breach was never fixed.
Make water erase any graffiti it goes over

guy called magic mountain told me to post here
- Mining fabricators produce engineering space suits even though they're probably supposed to be making diving suits now.

- AI and Borgs can get into HoS' office and the Armory as the AI control wire isn't cut by default on those doors.

- You get shocked by the grille when flushed out from brig (feature?).

- Mulebot destinations are just numbers.

-Following APCs are not connected to the power grid and don't show up on the power monitoring computer in the engineering: Emergency Storage A, Engineering EVA Storage and Central Warehouse

-Emergency Storage B has two APCs. Also the Waste Disposals has two APCs as well, one controls the main room and another one is for the cargo belt and the crusher.

-The topmost doors of HoP's and Captain's offices lack any access requirements, anyone could open them.

Fixed stuff:
-The door leading to "Zen Garden" is labeled "Owlery".

-Most main hallways lack APCs and therefore don't run out of power and are not affected by the powersink. (Out of all the main hallways I think the escape hallway is the only one with the APC.). Some minor rooms also lack the APCs.

-South maintenance (the area below the security) lacks an apc.

-Also there are two camera helmets at the telesci, but you can only view one of them through the portable television.

-The sleeper at the entrance to the medbay is broken, the top one specifically, I stuffed a guy in and it said that there was no one inside. The one on the bottom worked just fine though.

The mailboxes don't seem to have names or working destinations.
There's an area of maintenance behind the pharmacy that doesn't seem to count as maintenance for radstorm purposes. RIP those guys. Fixing this now as it's pretty important.

EDIT: Fixed.
(08-25-2018, 12:04 PM)Mordent Wrote: There's an area of maintenance behind the pharmacy that doesn't seem to count as maintenance for radstorm purposes. RIP those guys. Fixing this now as it's pretty important.
Speaking of radstorms, how do those work underwater? Doesn't water insulate radiation really well? Some banjo thing somebody bought for some great re
There appears to be some bug where the vent capture units can't connect to wires. That means that some rounds, there's no way to generate power. It's a pretty serious bug.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but there is no way to deconstruct/move a vent capture unit. Once it's placed, its placed forever.
Instead of portable reclaimers departments have portable material processors which only accept ore and wires. It makes robotics pretty much unplayable.
The Pathology computer is not connected to the pathogen manipulator. rip :P
The barman does not have a reagent heater/cooler and thus cannot make many of his fancy drinks.
research outpost has no access restriction, meaning even staff assistants can go there to make bombs. the chambers are struggling to heat up too, there is no force field separating from the ocean and the water reacts with the fire
subs can still move without locomotion parts despite loads of warnings about them missing
Engineers only have supplies to heal burn damage, despite encountering brute damage more often when setting up the engine.

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