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MAP POLL: On an RP Station with Belt Hell
I've been trying to make some sort of RP-friendly station - Pelican was neat, but didn't really hit the spot design-wise. My inclination is now to try and make an RP-sized station with some sort of robust belt system, and there are a few different options I've thought of.

If any of these interest you, please reply below with thoughts (and potentially map doodles). My biggest problem has been initial map structure, so I'm trying to improve on specifically that in my further endeavors. I've given each idea a name:

  • Station's belt hell consists of one constant and unbroken loop passing through maintenance, and occasionally across halls by way of mass driver.
  • All departments that handle any decent amount of cargo, inbound or outbound, have a connection point to this loop.
  • Connection points consist of two cargo routers - one is beneath some plastic flaps, the other is in line with the belt.
  • At each connection point, cargo will be shunted out of the loop if its tag matches the location, and can be pushed back under the flaps and into the loop if its tag does not match the location.
  • More traditional Cog-style belt hell: cargo is routed through a maze of depots and shunters scattered within and without the station, and only arrives at specific cargo transfer points.
  • Potentially more difficult to make compatible with asteroids.
  • Hybrid belt-hell: cargo is transferred via industrial loaders and underground tubes to a routing depot, or one of several, where it's subsequently shunted to its destination based on mail tag.
  • High connectivity potential - any and every department could be hooked up.
I like the hybrid idea.

Personally, I think we should utilize chutes more. You know those things you can fall down inside in mining on Cog2?

A routing department that sorts and then dumps items into those chutes where it gets shunted to different departments could be really both efficient, and a fun and dangerous method of station fast travel
Bering is by far my favorite, but I have a question: since it is possible to incorporate various devices into the transportation system, could teleporters also feature?

What would be the fun plus side and boring downsides to teleporter based cargo(&personel) transport?

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