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Should I revive Butterfly?
As some of the older folks may know I was working on a map dubbed 'Butterfly' (and a more run-down, horrible one based off the same design dubbed 'Moth'. These stations are small and meant for lowpop rounds. With the new maps area we seem to have many people already working on their own maps and there seem to be several in the rotation already.

So, go for it? Or let it sit?
[Image: 8psbte6.png]

[Image: 5qmS1xc.png]
i like it, very minimilistic while still pretty
I like that layout a lot, actually
Just do it!
Yeah! Go for it! I'd love to see if it'll work for the rp crew too
Thanks guys. I'll look into it. There is apparently some people who aren't into it judging by the thread rating. Could some of you speak up on it? If there are things I could fix I'd love to know. I don't want to work on something that turns out unplayable.
I am 100% supportive of more player-made maps.
Intriguing design on the whole, but I am *not* a fan of QM being split into two segments with no private transit between them. The halls should have airlocks to avoid instant large-scale depressurization, but that's easily added.
Couple of bits, not sure if flat-out missing or just not done yet, and no worries on either count.
  • That big #-sign shape corridor needs compartmentalizing - namely regular airlocks at intervals. Think "Donut 2" in terms of "one hole causes the whole thing to depressurize". Breaking it up with airlocks will help a lot with that. There's firelocks around, not sure if you plan to put actual airlocks on those as well.
  • Most departments could use messing-up a little in terms of the straight edges, probably with a bit of extra maint.
  • There's not really alternative routes anywhere. Consider adding a couple of catwalks in space between the "arms" of the station, a la Cog 1's east side. Some could be official looking, some could be in a bit of extra maint. Reasoning is to provide alternative routes between places, even if they come with a little more risk.
  • A lot of areas are just one window away from the cold vacuum of space. Windows are cool, but I feel like you might have overused them a bit. There should be places I can go that are out of sight of the main corridors.
  • Consider adding cryostorage instead of an arrivals shuttle. I assure you this is significantly better for the RP server, and given its size the map itself would probably be decently scaled for RP.
  • Double check the positioning of the turrets in the AI chamber. I think they may just end up hitting the glass if they're aiming at anything that's not quite in the doorway.
  • AI chamber flow is interesting: bridge, boards, upload, AI. I feel like you could shuffle things around a bit to cut down on space usage.
  • Putting the AI chamber right next to disposals means it's going to be even easier to bomb, as you can just flush your bomb. Not really got a solution for this that doesn't involve quite a lot of shuffling.
  • Pathology could use a few-square-large airlock between the door to it and the actual lab (so the bit wit the bio suits could be its own separate room). See: Destiny, Clarion.
  • Robotics could use a door to the morgue, to encourage the whole "god vs. machine" thing.
  • The clown hole is almost official-looking in terms of its position. Have it as this weird-sticky out bit that seems out of place with the square-aesthetic. Clowns are afterthoughts/squatters.
(07-12-2018, 11:18 AM)Dions Wrote: yes
(07-12-2018, 05:27 AM)Kubius Wrote: -snip-

(07-12-2018, 06:24 AM)Mordent Wrote: -snip-

Thank you guys! This sort of thing is exactly what I'm looking for! smile
This looks neat
Could medical and science have pod bays? Or at least a few external airlocks?

Also I don't see any area marked as a sec podbay

Science test chamber has just windows, reinforced walls would probably be a good idea considering it's next to the main hall (or controllable shutters)

Is there any other guard buddy room besides just the two pads in robotics?

I also don't see a network room for packet stuff
Any chance of a small courtroom or similar? Could even have a blast door between general holding and the area for the accused to sit (openable in security somewhere). Courtrooms get quite a lot of use on the RP server.

Not sure what the area south of General Holding is going to be for, but might be a good spot to repurpose?

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