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Major Ability to bug multiple rooms atmos using window and a breach
So this can be a pretty devastating bug...

Discovered on cog1 in toxins lab
Window used to discover and repeat this bug is circled in red below. Notably this windows is an INTERNAL window, and does not lead to space
Easily repeatable, 100% success rate over three rounds of testing
[Image: Q7bQPT2.png]

What the bug does:
  • Causes rooms to rapidly depressurize as if breached
  • rooms can not be pressurized by using gas cans
  • screwing down the window in any location seems to fix some (if not all) of the bugged rooms as if they were linked
How to replicate
  • Make a breach in the source room. In my case this was making hole under the cannister on the heating plate just SE of the window (you will notice that the atmos in the room is still perfect despite the breach if you scan the room at this point)
  • using screw driver and crowbar loosen the window so it can be moved
  • drag the window, the room will rapidly depressurize
  • drag the window into other rooms, they too will rapidly depressurize and can not be repressurized
  • screw / crowbar the window back down (anywhere?) to repair the bugged rooms (maybe all maybe just some)
wtf is this game
(06-09-2018, 08:49 PM)ZeWaka Wrote: REMOVE ALL DIRECTIONAL WINDOWS 2DAY
is this fixed with my big fix?
So I just checked bug appears to be acting quite differently...

it seems you can still depressurize rooms....but as you move through rooms it occasionly locks into a new pressure other than no gas at all. I'll try to explain....

I was able to depressurize all of research in a second but then dragged it into the pod bay, then when i dragged it around it instead made pressure 90.1 instead of killing all gas

walked around a few other rooms and then it seemed to get stuck on 35.6, I even dragged it into one of the depressurized rooms and they then shot up to a rather uniform 35.6

It's rather difficult to get an exact read on the mechanics of this bug I'm afraid...

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