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Mentor Application: Recusor
Usual Character Name: Sam Eagle, S.A.M., Simulated Axon Matrix
BYOND Username: Recusor
Recommended by (if applicable): Not applicable
Times Available: Usually from 6 PM to 11 PM EST during week days, and more frequently on the weekend.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

Reason for Application:

This is my second application for mentor. The first can be found at:

I consider SS13 and specifically Goonstation a game focusing on social interactions, whatever those may be. The times that I enjoy the game the most are when I know that I and another farty internet space stranger shared something together, either our joint efforts against an antagonist or a particularly memorable fight. I respect the time it takes people to master individual systems but, using Chemistry as an example, Is it as much fun to make Sarin if you don’t have another player to use it on?

In my view the Mentor program helps new and even existing players regularly and I would like to help the community in this way as well.



I'm pretty confident in my medical acumen. If I am feeling especially constructive, I consider Roboticist one of the best support roles in the station. Able to heal with full access to surgery equipment, you also have the additional capability of replacing limbs, bring bodies back to life as borgs and provide a backup AI that you can lock in your closet for eternity. This is something I am perhaps too fond of. I would say this is probably my most competent role.
Genetics and Virology not so much.

I think that I am a pretty good CE. My main deficiencies in this area are mining, and I could be a better mechanic, but I can get the engine going, get the PTL on and making money and have a record of something like 407 petawatts by the 67 minute mark. I think.
Recently I have discovered how to hotwire the station after finally figuring out wiring. This also led me to constructing the my first Singulo in the Chapel a  3 weeks or so ago. I was pretty proud.
I can set up paired teleport hubs easily, and would like to learn more about the pipe system for loafing shenanigans if possible.

Probably best at Telescience here, but I can make some basic chems if needed. Not too fast at it though!

I’ve been trying to play security more lately, but I still need a lot more practice. I like to think that I am usually pretty fair. In the past I have been a bit too free with my aggression towards suspects before guilt was proved but I think I’ve been good at scaling tha back.

I really like play as AI, and sometimes Cyborgs. I try to allow for some leniency while observing traitors/traitorous acts but can be effective when rogued as well.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I have had two previous bans
m8, you're supposed to put the experiences stuff in the experiences area
but everything after was experience? I could have used a larger header maybe...
I see no problem with the way this is formatted and the information filled out for experiences.
That's a pretty overall pointless post Drago try to at least add something constructive to the topic.

I've got no issues with you and the fact that this application is completely fresh and not a rehash of your original app is impressive enough.
ack, can't edit posts, I realize now that it is actually well constructed, oops
I was a bit stupid at first, please ignore my first post

You seem knowledgeable enough and trustworthy enough to handle mentorhelps, and as Readster said, your application is fresh and some what better in comparison to your last one

I'll vote yes
i recognise sam eagle and S.A.M. as not shit, S.A.M. definitely seems knowledgable, i havent seen sam eagle quite as much but still seems kinda knowledgable
S.A.M is a great AI and I'll vote yes just on that factor alone.
My first reaction to seeing this thread was "Wait, they're not already?", so I reckon that's a good sign. Your app's good and I think I recall you being a good sort so I'll give this a Yes.
Good app and a good player
[Generic Lord Birb "they would be a better mentor than me" response]

a yes from me
you're good

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