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Mentor Application: Recusor
Usual Character Name: Sam Eagle, Serm Ergle as Clown, or S.A.M. as a silicon
BYOND Username: Recusor
Recommended by (if applicable): Not applicable
Times Available: Usually from 6 PM to 11 PM EST during week days, and more frequently on the weekend.
Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
I have been playing on Goonstation on and off since March 2015 at least and am now trying to get more involved in the community by getting on IRC more regularly over the last couple of weeks. I find that I am able to help new players with some basic things as a non-mentor, and would like to get a special coloured name while still helping people.
I would like to add here as well that in the event I get rejected in this application I would very much like to hear how I might improve. I will go over what I view as some of my own deficincies in the previous ban section as well.
At this stage I consider roboticist to be my most successful role. I am confident and able to fully upgrade a crew member with augmentations with minimal fatalities, and quickly at that. I like the aspect of also providing medical attention and consider myself a slightly more than competent doctor for many things. Unfortunately in emergency situations my reaction times can slow down, but i think I've saved more people than I've harmed as roboticst. Im also a big fan of making and powering a redundant AI.
I feel like I have a good grasp of engineering and can get the station powered pretty easily. I have shown new engineers the ropes more than once, but I do feel I still have significantly more to learn about mechanics in particular. I am comfortable with construction projects of many kinds including additional wiring, but atmospherics still give me trouble sometimes. I can certainly refine my hellburns more, and prefer Cog2 engine to Cog1, but very much like LineMap's Singularity engine as well. I am a complete noob when it comes to mining and/or ore processing.
I am at best a junior chemist that is able to refill my sleepypen with neurotoxin easily when needed. I would like to work more with chemistry but find other aspects of science more intriguing especially TELESCIENCE. Im a big fan of Telescience especially while playing as a silicon if no one else is usig the console. Im not to up to date on exploration, but simply utilizing the teleporter in interesting ways entertains me. I am low-tier to average at toxins/bomb making and artifact research.
I have little to no experience as security, but after doing my best to evade the authorities I have a solid understanding of the tools available to security and their respective department layouts. I will want to play security much more before I think of applying for HoS.
I honestly try to avoid command positions other than CE as much as possible. Again, I understand the tools available to the various directors and heads, but having that much of a target on your back stresses me out sometimes.
I enjoy playing as cyborg or AI sometimes, but Im also aware enough to know if I dont have enough patience for the role at the start of the round. I like to think that when im uploading  gimmick laws as a non-antag they are entertaining to all involved, but people may shoot me down on that one. I am especially guilty of random history lesson laws.
I like to think that I am not too guilty of weasling out of frustrating laws, and make a competent AI for tracking threats and/or killing the crew based on the laws present at the time.
I know how to make some things. I would classify myself as apprentice. I understand the mechanics behind many of the tools, but often dont have the patience to wait for/work with botany for some special ingredients. No offense to the boys in green at all!
Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I have had 2 bans. I hope it suffices to simply link the appeals here:
I would also like to mention 3 other things here.
1 - Earlier this week I got a rightful talking to by admin by saying that "Security was molesting me in maintenance" Let me first say about this that I understand 100% that this is inappropriate on the server. It was late, I was tired and I honestly meant it as per this definition:
2. (dated)
pester or harass (someone), typically in an aggressive or persistent manner.
"the crowd was shouting abuse and molesting the two police officers"
With that said, that meaning of the word does not hold much weight anymore, and thus many people will see it in a sexual context. I apologize for this and will do my best to remove it from my vocabulary.
2 - I am guilty of, at least 3 times in the last year, killing crew as a non antag with bad/not justifiable reason. In at least one of those situations it was a monkey that I somehow thought was a changeling but I was wrong about that. In another I didnt mean to use lethal force and cloned the person right away. I dont remember many details about the third, I was drunk, but I wasnt banned for it,
3 - I am not very good, at all, on LLJK1. I do not have the patience or the temperment for the RP server, and I went on a murderspree as a changeling that did not add to the RP environment on the server. I recognize this and in the rare event I do try LLJK1 again I will do my absolute best to be better.
while your bans and stuff are a little worrying, ive certainly never had any bad experiences with you myself, and sam eagle definitely isnt a guy i look at and go 'oh its that shithead'

i definitely remember S.A.M. as a good enough AI, and good enough AI's are better than most
I may have truth vomited a bit there bit I'm a fan of putting it all put there for consideration
Also I made a separate Sam Eagle forum account because i lost the password for this one and has a recovery issue for a while
Sorry guy but you haven't had enough support yet.

This isn't because of your bans, just FYI, just the lack of support. I'm sure it'll get accepted next time after you've made a name for yourself.

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