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Pickpocket gun resprite - Vocalpocal - 07-09-2021

Current pickpocket sprite is good, but I felt a lot of frustration when there was no visual que if the pickpocket has an item loaded or not, and what kind of "mode" it is on. For this purpose I wanted to resprite it in 1. a new fun way so that the sprite can fit in items 2. a way that you can distinguish which is the current mode for it. Heres what I have currently:

Steal/Harass while holding an item (The held item will be displayed here somehow)
[Image: edJuGSf.png]
Steal while not holding an item
[Image: 70P9gMx.png]
Planting mode, whether the item is holding an item or not (The held item will be displayed here somehow)
[Image: siz1VGT.png]
Harass, while not holding an item
[Image: 2N47P4c.png]

RE: Pickpocket gun resprite - Frank_Stein - 07-09-2021

[Image: Rockin%27_Kats_Punch.gif]

RE: Pickpocket gun resprite - Katzen - 07-11-2021

This is both funny and useful.