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[QoL] Chef/Bartender hand labelers
Small quality of life patch that adds a hand labeler to kitchen cabinets and also the bartender's crates on cog1/cog2.
Based on the discussion found here.

Github pull request
thanks for the patch I'll get to it ASAP, but just letting you know, map changes don't really work super well, so if you want map edits to be done just tell me what I need to do!
That makes sense, merging a map sounds tricky. The map changes are:

Cog1 - add a hand labeler to the bartender's crate (in their room just south of the kitchen)
Cog2 - add a hand labeler to the Bartender's crate (totally different secure crate) in the shared chef/bartender quarters located just next to the detective's office. The crate should have a russian revolver, so look for that.

Not sure why there are the two bartender crates are different but it doesn't matter too much.

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