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Map Idea: Salvage "Station"
An idea for a station I saw on the subreddit a while ago, that I feel like expanding on here. The general idea of this map is that rather then being a proper station, it is a bunch of damaged ships and satellites that have been crudely welded together to form a station, with the ships forming the different departments.
  • Overview
Salvage "Station" would be, for all intents and purposes, a big metal deathtrap poorly masquerading as a station. The layout, with the welded-together ships forming departments, would be intentionally confusing and unintuitive, easy for even experienced players to get lost, and frequent doors leading to space in the middle of hallways. Departments would be cramped, easy to break into, and low on important supplies. Dangerous items, such as uncharged stun batons, plasma glass shards, and plasma tanks, would be found out in the open in unlikely places. In short, this map will to make the entire round a struggle to survive.
  • Maintenance
Take everything I said in 'overview' above and turn it up to eleven, and you will have a good idea of this map's maintenance. Maintenance will be twisting mazes of makeshift tunnels connecting the ships, frequently lacking doors separating it from the main hallways and having standard, unmarked airlocks leading directly into space. There would be no lights whatsoever in maintenance, and hiding in the darkness are piles of radioactive material, plasma gas leaks, and a few randomly-scattered hostile mobs ranging from rabid rats to fearsome space bears or terrifying cluwnespiders. The risk is worth it though, as in the darkness of the tunnels you can find valuable items such as insulated gloves, laser guns, stocked medkits, high-level IDs, and once per round, something like a beaker full of secret chems or a traitor item.

  • The Bridge
The Bridge of this ship would be made from a non-functional, slightly larger than usual escape shuttle, with most of the chairs removed, the cockpit turned into the captains office, and the medbay and brig would have the wall separating them torn down to form the HOP's office and customs. The central area of the shuttle would be a meeting area similar to the cog1 bridge, with a table surrounded by chairs, an alcohol dispenser, and a bunch of computers. The AI upload and core would be nearby, in the form of an old AI satellite similar to the one in donut2 and mushroom, but much smaller and with the upload in the small lobby area outside the core.
  • Security
An old prisoner transport shuttle, of course, with a few small solitary cells, equipment lockers left in the open instead of having their own small room like in other maps, a single sectech vendor, and the cockpit of the ship forming the HOS's office. The armory would be connected to security by a small tunnel, and would be your standard armory pretty much. The detective will have a makeshift office set up outside the brig cells, with their locker and a desk containing their belongings.
  • Medbay
A rescue shuttle that got it's engines blown off. Would be very cramped and with much fewer medkits and nanomed vendors compared to other maps, and would be very cramped as a result of large parts of it being shoved together so they can fit genetics/cloning and robotics in there. Like the other ship-based departments, the cockpit would be the Medical Director's office.
  • Research
Would be several small ships welded together to form toxins, chemistry, artifact research, and telescience, with minimal safety features. The test chamber would just be an empty, circular room connected to the chemistry ship by a tunnel. The RD's office would be a makeshift room in the telescience ship.
  • Engineering
As Engineering is basically several departments, there would be a tunnel leading to a circular room, with other tunnels several ships for engineering, mechanics, mining, and cargo. Engineering would be simply an ID-Locked maintenance tunnel leading to a small room containing supplies such as spacesuits and oxygen tank, and then into a small area of space where a singularity engine lurks. On that note, I would like to bring up a few things about this maps power network: The entire wire network is a mess (think one of those reddit posts from other servers with extremely poorly-wired solars, then imagine that but the entire station) and the solars are pre-hotwired, with the only SMES unit being a single one connected to the singularity. Mining would also be a small room containing the necessary supplies before an airlock leading to space, where you find the mineral magnet, refinery, and mining fabricators all out in space on top of catwalks. Cargo would be a smuggler's hauler that was captured by Nanotrasen and used in the construction of this station, with one of each fabricator, a mulebot, a quartermaster's console, some crudely welded on mass drivers for buying and selling, and not much else. This map doesn't even have belt hell, relying entirely on mulebots and cargo transport teleporters for moving purchased items. Mechanics would just be a small machine shop satellite that was retrofitted into a mechanics workshop, not much fancy here, just usual mechanics things.
  • Catering
The Janitor's room and disposals would be deep in maintenance and contain a baseball bat in addition to it's standard contents. The bar and kitchen would just be a near-copy of the space diner, with only a long table and an ID-locked windoor separating most of the equipment from a quite large cafeteria, and the only areas to get their own rooms would be the chef&bartender's rooms and the freezer. The chapel would just be a small carpeted are in the corner of the cafeteria with just a bible, a single stool, the chaplains hobo box to sleep in, and their ID-locked locker containing their other equipment. The gym, similarly, will just be a circle drawn on the floor in a corner of the cafeteria for wrestling, some punching bags hung up, and a crate with a baseball bat. There would be no proper jazz lounge or owlrey, just a couch by one of the cafeteria walls with a jukebox and a few owls, George, and the horse mask monkey hanging out. Somewhere in the cafeteria-jazz lounge-chapel-gym abomination would also be a crate containing another baseball bat, Barkley's basketball, and wrestling costumes. Hydroponics, meanwhile, would be another derelict Russian hydroponics satellite that Nanotrasen found and used in the construction of this abomination of a station, complete with one Russian knockoff space bee in addition to the normal bees.

This took over an hour to write please tell me your opinions of this map.
I actually quite like this idea, I dunno how tough it would be to make, but I feel it would definitely bring a different feel to goon in the sense that there would ACTUALLY be danger lurking in the darkest shadows of the station and you can't just bum around in maint all round.

+1 from me
So, would this be for some special game mode or something? Because it'd be really interesting and fitting to play such a map on a disaster round. Revolution, gang, and conspiracy could be especially interesting, I think, I could see Revolutionaries/Gang members/Conspirators actually walling off some tunnels and declaring independence from the station for some odd reason. Spy Thieves would get an interesting challenge; not only are the things they're stealing more scarce, but the rooms are also smaller, so they'd be more likely to get caught. Changeling would be really special. It'd be just like Outpost 31; you'd have a cramped station in the middle of nowhere, with very little outside contact, where there's a monster creeping about.

Now, blob and nuke rounds on this thing. That'd be...interesting.
I hope we get doors that open on walls.

That aside, this station sounds like a real nightmare. You get my +1.
(01-26-2018, 07:05 PM)Lord Birb Wrote: On that note, I would like to bring up a few things about this maps power network: The entire wire network is a mess (think one of those reddit posts from other servers with extremely poorly-wired solars, then imagine that but the entire station) and the solars are pre-hotwired, with the only SMES unit being a single one connected to the singularity.

you sick fuck
Aesthetically unique idea. This might be a fun station every once in while; it sounds like hardmode so I think new players would get irritated that a random door just spaced them (funny though).
this actually sounds really neat
EDIT: One thing to make it more pleasing and fitting to look at would be making the emergency shuttle tiles a tad darker or worn out. Otherwise, they would seem really out of place with the rest of the station.

Also have random floor tiles exposed so everything looks more salvaged
This is a super cool aesthetic.
Additionally : shocked grilles and doors in maint, and also the AI is bradbury
I kinda think something like this would work well as a non Nanotrasen type thing. Like, it sounds like something someone even dirtier and shadier would cook up.

A couple of ideas to reflect the harsher nature of this operation
  • No tasers, flashes, or batons for Sec. Only revolvers and shotguns with live rounds
  • No test monkeys. Human NPC prisoners for test subjects
  • Kitchen is mostly stocked with harsh food. Vodka, questionable meat, and gruel
  • No cloners
  • No chem machines. Instead you get a locker with a limited amount of what you'd normally find in the dispensers
  • Generally the same goes for any other infinite resouce dispensers. Hell, even the limited ones
  • Higher QM prices
  • No reverse engineering machines for mechanics
  • No headsets. Instead  you'll have to rely on PDAs, intercoms, and station bounced found lying around
  • Very limited built in lighting. Mostly rely on more commonly available glowsticks, lighters, candles, and less available flash lights and lighted helmets
(01-27-2018, 08:53 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: [*]No headsets. Instead  you'll have to rely on PDAs, intercoms, and station bounced found lying around

i like this
(01-27-2018, 09:40 PM)cyberTripping Wrote:
(01-27-2018, 08:53 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: [*]No headsets. Instead  you'll have to rely on PDAs, intercoms, and station bounced found lying around

i like this

as with the chem machines, I dunno, that seems a tad bit brutal, and would just cause every chemist to just grab space gear and go to the russian derelict in debris, kinda making chemistry on station a useless hole of wasted material

maybe just make it to where there is only 1 or something?
this is a neat idea. it'd be a shitload of work but it is a neat idea
Dang, i want to see this now
there IS that old meme drawing somewhere, lemme find it
id love to play this

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