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Unban Appeal - HukHukHuk
Who banned you?: HukHukHuk

Byond Key: Coolsurf6 

Date of Ban: 5:30-6pm 12/01/2017

Specified Reason for Ban: please read our rules regarding hate speech.

Ban Length: Temporary 24 hour 

What led to the ban? 

I don't really know why I was banned for "Hate Speach" but I've got the last 5 minutes of just when I was banned in this video here ( The only thing I think could be the reason was the excessive amount of swearing but it was not directed at players but during the IC moments of running around a syndicate shuttle and dealing with a lot of zombies and having one person die. 

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: 

I feel like my ban was unjust as I don't see any reason for my ban. If there was something I did wrong, I am really sorry about doing it. I really got into Goon and Space Station 13 a couple days ago and have been enjoying it alot. Even had some amazing moments with the admins yesterday with some great rounds. Looking at you bill wink

I don't think I have ever directed hate speach towards admins ever and to be honest, admins make the game a whole lot more fun as I've had fun experiences with admins on Yogstation and on Goon which fun gimmicks such as 'suffocated by egg and going on a rant about the egg gods then dying to an eggwolf and becoming a living egg', 'Having oceans of pizza and spider flooding the station', and 'the station being named Coolsurf6 and all hell broke loose'.

Evasion Attempts: 

No evasion attempts were made. I have a second ckey which is named "coolsuf6" which I have changed from since it was a spelling mistake. I don't think I have used it on goon or a matter of fact, not in the past 3-6 months have I used it in general.
Hey, I peeked at the logs and I can clear up the exact thing you were banned for.
about 40 mins prior to the time of your clip recording, logs show:

Cyborg Upsilon-44 (Robot) (Coolsurf6) : He is a faggot
Hey mbc,

Ok got to admit, I can understand why I was banned now. I have just checked and I can see what has happened. To those who don't know, I'll give a rundown.

Sheev joined in on the adventure and decided to be annoying, i was fine with this as well, its goon. He has gone ahead and shot himself with the Old Hunting Rifle infront of me and 2 other people. I have then blurted out "He is a faggot" and after that stated that "I cound not stop him [from shooting himself]".

I generally don't mean to offend anyone and I am sorry for calling him a faggot, even as an ai, that was uncalled for. I'll refrain from using those kind of insults.

You may close the ban appeal, the ban was not false nor uncalled for.
Neato, again that was a first offense and just a dayban so just sit it out.
The system works.

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