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Make the TEG Statistics Computer useable as a ghost
i wanna nerd out in the afterlife
(12-21-2017, 02:50 PM)fosstar Wrote: i wanna nerd out in the afterlife

okay, i'll add this in
Thanks kremlin!
So did this thing basically create the fourth TEG renaissance?

Gotta say, good job bruv. hell yeah man
on second glance i don't think i'll do this -- ghosts would be able to control the computer as if they were alive. ghosts' fingers would pass right through the buttons on the computer! (ghosts could troll people trying to actually work with it in a not-fun and not-funny way)
I don't support this. You're dead, dead people should not be able to interact with the living or the station. Death is so utterly unimportant now so this is most likely a losing battle but I'll still stand firm that death needs to be important otherwise the game loses alot if not all tension.
I took this request to mean read-only access, as a ghost I know i like to hover over the TEG and spam-click the examine button to get the output, and try to figure out if it's accelerating or not. Since you literally made a tool that allows you to not need to graph it yourself, it would be cool to see those numbers.
after some investigating, i've found there is a much easier way to keep it read-only for ghosts than i had imagined. i have no problem with a read-only display for ghostmans

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