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Permaban Appeal. Admin-Angriestibm
no you can't
Because? I accepted that I called someone a faggot and I said, several times, I'm sorry for it and won't do it again. What more can you ask from a pubbie on a forum?
because a ban appeal consists of more than what essentially boils down to "yup, that sure is a thing i did. unban me"
your attitude stinks and you're not the kind of player we want around frankly

as for me getting pissed off as part of your cringeworthy attempt to play the better man card, why shouldn't I be mad? sure i can't shut down all bigotry overnight or likely even during my lifetime but I can do my little part against it, it's better than just sitting complaining and accomplishing nothing
shitty people and their shitty attitudes refusing to change are worth getting angry about, and that's exactly what you've brought here - your whole "well I don't think it's offensive at all" schtick underscores a kind of mentality we simply don't want in our playerbase, if you want to use and see words like that how about you go play on pretty much the entire rest of the internet where that shit is a dime a dozen

even if you have apologized (in a hollow manner, but I guess its still technically an apology) and said you won't do it again, the mentality you've displayed here says to me you're going to cause further problems in the future, so it's not worth the effort to unban you
there's also the fact that you've likely done this shit before, because these days we give warnings for this kind of language and only ban on repeat offenses
Look, I'm not any worse a person than your average playerbase. I said a word that's considered bigotry, and I apologize for it....Wait, I remember you, ISaidNo. This isn't about what I said in the least, you've got a personal angst against me and I can't remember why. But I remember you, your name rings a bell in the back of my mind. What's got you against me so much?
Also, it was the first time I said 'faggot'. Dunno why Angriest is keeping quiet to this appeal or if he thought I said it more than once, but I only posted it, as said, once, and wasn't warned, just banned.
You aren't owed a warning. You didn't read the rules, you broke one of the biggest ones, and your apology sounds a lot more like you're sorry you got in trouble instead of being sorry for tossing around slurs. Good ol' 'sorry you were offended' defense.
This is the internet.

How am I supposed to prove I'm sorry on a forum?
Will posting a vid of me stripping in a fursuit be enough?
magic mountain Wrote:Yes
Cogwerks Wrote:uh
Sadystic Nytemare Wrote:Will posting a vid of me stripping in a fursuit be enough?
I feel the need to say that if you post this, I'll give you -my- account.

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