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Mentor Application: EristheSlackWyrm
Usual Character Name: Tooty, Jimmy Jam, Karen Wyron
BYOND Username: EristheSlackWyrm
Recommended by (if applicable): Avack- elan_oots - a few more in ooc that i have forgotten the names of.
Times Available: GMT+1 from 8pm to 1am is when I am usually on, but often I can be online all day.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): It is soon my 1 year anniversary of playing ss13, and all of that has been spent on goonstation. Goonstation is my home and whenever I get the chance I will help a new player out when I see them. In the time I’ve spent on goon, I have dabbled in every job and I’d say I’m proficient in most of them. The one I have played the least is security, and the most is clown. I do mainly hang around on Destiny, and you will often find Tooty there, trying to make it an interesting place. I sometimes jump on LLJK2, but it’s more rare.

But hear me out on my career choice. I play ss13 not for game mechanics, but for player interaction. And I feel most jobs are very isolated. Geneticist sit in front of a screen all shift and occasionally poke the captain with a needle. Which is why I prefer the clown job. I get a good baseline to mess with players, create some sort of story even if I am not a traitor.

However that doesn’t mean I only ever play clown. I got the basics down for every job from janitor to captain, having played every job and head role from a few times to playing it days on end. I’d say I’m proficient in many of them, like doctor, genetics, captain, artlab, construction, chemistry, janitor, bamboozles, slipperino and more. And when I play as the clown, I will use all my skills.

What I find important as a regular player is to give the new players a good first time experience, to show them that goonstation should not only be a friendly-ish place (as friendly as you can get on a game where blowing each other up is considered normal) but also a chaotic and fun place. I think every player should experience the goonbrand of “Wtf just happened” as soon as possible, getting them hooked on what makes goon great.

In my early days of goon, there were players who did that very thing for me and I look up to them to this day. I try, when I show new players the ropes, to give that little extra push to show what can be fun to do. I do occasionally get help from prayers to make it extra memorable. (Example: After teaching a freshly joined janitor how to work the mop and bucket, I told him to look out for exploding clowns and got an admin to gib me, giving him a fresh mess to clean up.)

So what are my plans if i get mentor? I’d strive to make more detailed mentor replies that not only answer their simpler questions but give some more advice to further their knowledge and how to have a fun experience.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I have had 1 week ban by request. I was playing way too much with little self control and ahelped to get a ban to take a forced break.

I also have 1, maybe 2 notes about minor shittery. A certain incident involving a clown, the buffer, excessive lube and broken bones. And maybe some bad AI laws.
Solid overall player, and while not the most robust definitely knows enough about most things to be a mentor. Honk.
Good man. Knows things. Can cause other people to know things. Change this clown to purple.
big nerd that would make a good mentor
You worthless honker forgetting I already recommended you. A fun person to play with who actually can be funny as a clown. Reward this rare talent with purple.
In a game full of clowns figurative and literal, tooty stands above the rest
had a super fun round with this man as a honk wizard the other day, purple he
excellent clown, excellent mentor material
Tooty is bestclown, purple he
Absolutely purple this guy.
This guy SS13s well. Give 'im purple!
I am contractually obliged to support all famous clowns.
Dump purple paint on the class clown.

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