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Banned by Herrspyguy
Who banned you?: Herrspyguy
Byond Key: BarryChuckle 
Date of Ban: A few years i think 
Specified Reason for Ban: Gets into a bunch of fights and releases a cloud of N2O in security, then logs off when taken down. Appeal this when you feel like explaining your actions.
Ban Length: (If this is 24 hours or less then it better be some seriously bad moderation by our staff or bad things are coming. I did ask nicely).
What led to the ban? I honestly didnt even remember that i was banned from this server so i cant really tell you the events that led up to this ban.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Im pretty sure its been quite awhile since i was banned here, id like to think that I've matured a lot as a player since then and im no longer the griefing shitter i used to be when i first started out playing SS13.  
Evasion Attempts: I dont use a VPN
It was a perma ban, seems i didnt actually put it on the original appeal.
I've alerted SpyGuy, if they're around they'll take a look at your ban shortly. If not, one of the rest of us will make a judgement. Thanks for your patience!
Spy has taken a look and said it's fine to lift this, so I have!

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