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Mentor Application: Drago156
Usual Character Name: Drago Kitterson
BYOND Username: Drago156
Recommended by: Lord Birb and Firebarrage
Times Available: It depends on my schedule but generally I'm on more often during the mid to late night and sometimes early morning.

Reason for Application + Game Experience: I have been considering applying as a mentor for a while now and I started playing on Goon around July 20th, 2016. When I first started I was very much a noob and kinda just wandered the halls of the map trying to remember the lay out, once I got a hang of that I grew plants in botany, learned some of the basic medical knowledge, and learned how to be crafty when it came to survival. 
          After that I took a bit of a break over the spring of 2017 and got on rarely during that time. I came back a bit more often during the summer and had picked up a fair bit of knowledge and had achieved completion of Solarium's bad ending a few times and had uncovered and picked through all of the known adventure zones and the debris field. During this time I learned how to navigate through the station's dark corners while hiding from enemies, Arrested quite a lot of criminals as a security officer and put them behind bars instead of murdering them, made a lot of meth and other chemicals as a scientist, and figured out how to be a semi-robust player. 
          From then to present day I have been learning more and more less known knowledge and have also remembered the lay out of all of the maps out as this is being made. I have noticed a large amount of new people joining and not a lot of veteran players there to help guide them and give them the knowledge to excel in most of every occupation and just in general. I would like to become a mentor so I could help teach the new people how to be good players and answer questions that people might have. While I don't fully have most of the engineering/mining jobs or science jobs down, I know how to do most of the others job to a good degree.
Previous Bans: I don't know if I've ever been banned, but I've had a few warnings in the past from admins that I have learned from.
Yeah Drago Kitterson is a neato burrito who would look good in purple.
Drago is pretty not shit.

I know this isn't much, but I rarely remember people that well, so associating Drago with good must mean something, even if I'm not sure what it is exactly.
i had a bunch of ban appeals open at the same time and freaked out about who would ban drago. good knowledge loser. purple yes
Hello yes I recommended Drago they should have been purple ages ago.
Solid app: Check
Knows shit: Check
Seems cool: Check
Recognise the name: Check

You hit mentorapp bingo and the reward you get is support for question answering grape colored nerd
At this rate, we'll have more mentors than regular players. You always seemed fun and not shit when I saw you on, purple yee.
A knowledgeable player and an excellent security officer. Id support drago for HoS as well

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