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Mentor Application: ChronicPwnage
Usual Character Name: Roger Ivanov
BYOND Username: Chronicpwnage
Recommended by (if applicable): Somebody in this thread! Hopefully! PLEASE VOUCH FOR ME I NEED YOUR APPROVAL
Times Available: Evenings and weekends most days

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing space station 13 on and off for something like 5 years now. I started on Hippie, where I learned the art of robusticity and paranoia, and the value of a fire extinguisher. I also spent a fair amount of time as an admin on that server, before IRL got in the way and I was removed for inactivity. I started playing on Goon while still playing on Hippie, and gradually switched over almost entirely. A good chunk of my spacefaring career has been on Goon thus far.

I'm applying to be a mentor because I'd like to be able to help new or confused players with parts of the game they don't understand and give them helpful tips on how to be more robust. I'd also like to discuss the game with, learn from, and teach other mentors in the mentor chat. I've learned a lot about the little things in goon's code that can take you from the average spacechump to a death-defying fartlord bringing nerds back from the brink of death and escaping explosive decompressions with most of your limbs intact, and I'd like to spread my knowledge to newbies and pros alike so that we get to see some more great feats of skill, knowledge, and luck to laugh about in OOC/deadchat. The more well-informed the general goonstation population, the more fun they have while playing and the more fun they are to play with.
Here's how I see a potential encounter:
CuriousNoob MHELP: "How do I remove someone's ass? It keeps cutting their chest open"
Chronicpwnage MHELP: "You have to be on harm intent while aiming for the chest, then do the standard scalpel-saw-scalpel-saw while they're on an operating table. Same goes for decapitating instead of removing a brain, harm intent while aiming for the head."
CuriousNoob MHELP: "Oh got it, it's working now thanks!"
Chronicpwnage MHELP: "Fun fact: You can do some of these harmful surgeries on an unwilling participant using a regular table and kitchen cutlery (usually knife & fork). But remember, that's best saved for traitor rounds."
CuriousNoob MHELP: "Wow that's so cool! You have both helped me with my question, and increased my knowledge about the lesser-known aspects of the game! I wish you were my dad."
Chronicpwnage MHELP: "Haha! Run along now little billy, make some buttbots"
CuriousNoob MHELP: "Will do pop!"

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I haven't been banned in quite some time, but I believe I have a couple of bans on record. One was for using a racial slur very early in my goonstation career (I was fresh out of Hippie where this was really common and I didn't read the rules carefully enough. My bad. Just to clarify, it wasn't in a negative or hateful way, just something people say sometimes.). Another was for overuse of pipe-bombs while not an antag (this may have just been a warning? I don't remember, it was a while back). That's the two bans I remember, but there may be another one or two I'm not recalling. Either way, it's been quite some time since I've been banned or even BWOINK'd negatively.
Roger knows a lot and is pretty good at this spaceman game. Sometimes, as a player, I'll disagree with his playstyle - it can come off as powergamey, which I'm not a fan of. However, I don't think that would super affect his role as a mentor. So, yeah, I'd say yes.
Seen Roger around for years. For sure knows his stuff and I can't recall a single bad experience with him. I'm sure he can be trusted to be a mentor. A yes from me.
Roger has been around long enough and knows their stuff. Lets get some more purple in here.
another case of "you weren't a mentor already??????"

i think roger knows his stuff and would be a good fit
We could always use more mentors and Roger would be a good fit.
Always enjoy seeing Roger around, he seems to be a pretty good player. Definitely knows more than enough to answer mentorhelps.
A good fit
Roger roger. Never had an issue.
good people
Knows stuff, ain't shit. Purple he yee.
even though i can remember seeing him ingame sounds like he knows his stuff would make good mentor.
mhmm, yes

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