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mentor application: brojob
Usual Character Name: Barry Burbuckle, Abel Miller, Atmosphere Kennedy, comic relief (as clown)
BYOND Username: brojob
Recommended by (if applicable): fosstar
Times Available: 2-10 PM EST on weekdays usually.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

i remember being recommended to play hippiestation when i first downloaded space station 13, but somehow landed on goonstation. when i first started playing, using random names and such i was fascinated with the depth and detail that it had to offer, despite how old the game is. it has charm that i've yet to find in any other game, and i don't think i will. starting out i used random names until i gathered inspiration from space obama, and created atmosphere kennedy. after a fine amount of time, i decided to create two new personalities, barry burbuckle and abel miller. these are the characters i frequent the most currently. as atmosphere, mainly i played in the medical field, and have done everything from saving deep-crit patients to giving eye transplants. i wouldn't ever say i am the best, but i feel my knowledge in the medical department is very robust. furthermore, i dabbled in botany, and have made george melonium filled watermelons along with the most dank lifeweed within the universe. currently, i am giving my hand at chemistry, and maybe later on will become interested in artifacts, other just other science sectors in general. some other jobs i have played but not really given a lot of time would be quartermaster, engineering, mining, anything along the lines of wiring and powering the station really. right now, i have my hand dipped into security, and am trying to figure out how to act as a law enforcer, which is a lot easier said than done. the reason why i have applied for the mentor position, is for the length i have played on the server which is about a year and 6 months, i have gained a lot of knowledge about the game's systems, functions, and would gladly assist any newcomer with the information i have gathered over time. i also understand when a lot of new players join, especially on such a low rp server such us ours on LLJK2, they act as if it's a free for all murder spree. i myself was guilty of this, and have since learned from my mistakes and i wish to bring any new player along the path that is going to give them a good time, and players around them as well. i can fully understand why this application may be rejected, but in that case i would like to have information that would tell me what i could do as a player that could make me mentor material. thanks

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

my interactions with admins hasn't always been the best, but i would like to think that i try to be honest and truthful, and own up to something when i make a mistake. i have been daybanned for bolting in a security member into an enclosed space, then subsequently logging out. i also recieved an antagban for a week from jasmine87 for cutting out a mindslave implant. the appeal can be found here
wait you're atmosphere kennedy??? you really do learn something new every day.

yes from me, haven't seen much of anyone lately but atmosphere is a name i know and they seemngood
hi im the endorser who endorsed atmosphere kennedy is a cool guy + spacebee loves you

* Spacebee loves the planet all more because of brojob's wonderful presence!

so yes purple him
Atmosphere and Barry are great. Yes from me. Also I've seen you do plenty of security and you aren't shit. I vote to give you the hat as well.
this dude seems pretty cool
Chill and knowledgeable dude
I like this guy, knows his shit, aint a shitter, knows how to be a shithead without being a shitlord. Purp this nurp!
i've never heard of any of those other names but I vaguely recall atmosphere kennedy as a cool dude, I think he can be trusted with the purple

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