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Ban appeal for Takov by unknown
(02-13-2018, 03:52 AM)Wonkmin Wrote: Just for the record though, I don't think your ban was ever actually lifted, it just expired or whatever nuance IRC applies on it.

I was gonna say, I have no idea why I was able to join again. Someone told me I was evading, but I haven't touched my router or used a VPN in months. If there's other ways to evade, I don't know about them. (Also evading bans just isn't something I do, I'm well aware that just makes shit harder for one in the long run.)
You will not be unbanned, but I do apologise that you weren't actually told this, and instead an edgy meme was used instead.
Don't be sorry. Takov is a cryptofascist creep we banned from IRC for contributing nothing but bad faith political arguments playing directly from the alt-right playbook. End of discussion.

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