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Casual conversation thread, post whatever. (Number 14 woo)
(11-23-2017, 08:35 PM)Tarmunora Wrote:
(11-23-2017, 08:04 PM)Kamikaze Mongoose Wrote: I wish I could figure out how to change my profile picture. I figured it would be in the Edit Options thingy under the Profile thingy. These majiggers don't kajigger like I could figure. It's got me all triggered!

This is the thread you're looking for. You don't get to choose your avatar; the admins choose for you


I appreciate you helping me out, friendo.
Help Ive been sucked into minecraft. Not just any minecraft, but gregtech new horizons.
Oh shit. gregtech is back?
(11-29-2017, 11:17 AM)Tarmunora Wrote: Oh shit. gregtech is back?

sort of, there's a big ol' modpack that's gone and actually made everything compatible with it.

i play on prospercraft. they don't let you say swears cus kids play with their parents and like half the server's over 50, it rules.
I never really got into minecraft. I mean I played it, but mostly because my nieces liked building stuff on it. Most of my time was spent building traps and goldbergian machines or fucking around with redstone to make adders or something.
Hmm. This may cause me to get sucked back into Minecraft as well because Gregtech-ified... everything... seems really neat.

Edit: On an unrelated note, anyone have a recommended order to read the Discworld series?
I've only read The Color of Magic, but generally I'm a proponent that you should read/watch/play things in the order of release if you intend to make your way through the entire series
(11-29-2017, 01:40 PM)Tarmunora Wrote: Edit: On an unrelated note, anyone have a recommended order to read the Discworld series?

This guide is solid. The Watch series is probably the best place to start, as it touches a lot of the themes of other novels. The Rincewind novels are where I started, and while I thought they were absolutely fantastic they were a bit heavier reading, and a different style to most of his books so not really representative.
Thanks! Think I'll probably go pick up Guards! Guards! sometime this week if I can pull myself away from the internet.
I'm a release order kind of person myself. First two or three might be worth a skip, though. They're slightly less great and maybe slightly more niche. You're not going to harm your experience whichever way you go, though.

Edit to react to simultaneous response: Good starting place.
Since tis' the season and all, I'm going to throw in a mention for Hogfather. The 4th in the Death series, but it's self-explanatory enough that you can get right into it without worrying much about catching up. The TV adaptation is also an excellent watch if you can get your hands on it.
my internet does a thing sometimes where nothing loads except google hangouts and the goon forums and i have always wondered why. thats the two things i use the most, really, but it's strange
i'm 25 today and I really wish I could bible fart irl.
I’m €2000 in urgent debt and can’t work enough hours to cover that, and rent, and Christmas.

I’m so wracked with guilt and worry that spending €10 to go on a night out somewhere is a serious decision.

But at least I can still play farting space man simulations on my half-dead laptop. That’s a bit of comfort.

Also happy birthday John. Don’t explode into holy gibs.
I loved reading all of the Death series. I think I only got to book 3 in witches, and I read all the standard in the wizards/rincewind part. What a great universe and author.

I think I might've read them in release order and skipped over the sections not in those 3.

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