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[unkown] Job ban from most heads + anything w/ chem access
Who banned you?: Unknown
Byond Key: Moon Jesus.
Date of Ban: Some time this past summer
Specified Reason for Ban: Unknown, see "What led to the ban?"
Ban Length: I think I also got banned for 3 days plus the job ban, if that's relevant at all.
What led to the ban? Unjustifiably threw a pitcher of evil chems in someone's face as a non-antag, which led to them dying. Wasn't completely honest in responding to the admin's PM's.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Well it's been a while and I think my track-record up to this point has been (relatively) clean. Definitely learned my lesson about murdering people as a non-antag for shitty reasons. If anything I would really just like Captain back, I can do without the rest of the jobs.
Evasion Attempts: N/A
I think this was me, I haven't heard anything bad regarding your name from my looking at old admin logs so if you PM any admin with this thread link they can unban you.

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