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Mentor Application: Lord Birb
Usual Character Name: Jack Jackson
BYOND Username: Lord Birb
Recommended By: Flourish, Ed Venture
Times Available: Slightly unpredicable, due to school. I do tend to play late at night or early in the morning on weekends though.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I started playing goonstation mid-march 2016. Back then I went by John Johnson (and briefly as John J. Johnson) and was an enthusiastic young newbie, stealing shiny objects as an assistant, serving ports as a barman, and growing weed as a botanist. After some mishaps with other people using the same name as me, I took up my current title of Jack Jackson, and began moving toward the more complicated, interesting jobs like engineer, doctor, or scientist. As I learned, I wanted to share this knowledge with others, to teach others what I learned through trial and error. I have noted in particular that there is often no mentors or admins online during the early morning and late at night hours I tend to play. I always do what I can to help anyone who doesn't know what to do, and becoming a mentor would only help that. I had considered writing up an application for a while, but I wanted to ask others what they thought first. I eventually asked in OOC, and Floursh and Ed Venture told me to go for it, so here I am.

But enough talk. Onto my experience and skills. I have picked up plenty of knowledge over the months I have played. I have played and learned at least the basics of every job available to me. I have saved officers from traitors as a doctor. I have created 999-terrawatt PTL's as a chief engineer. I have built teleporter networks as a mechanic. I have arrested criminal scum as a security officer. I have solved murders as a detective. I have stolen everything not nailed down in the captain's room as an assistant. I have wrote "FART" in tiles in space as a ghostdrone. There are, of course, a few areas where I am lacking(Mostly in science), there always is, but I believe I know enough that if there is anything a new player needs help with, I can answer(and anything I can't answer I can find on a wiki page).

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): Nothing I recall. All interactions I have had with admins have been positive.
Jack Jackson is a fun and competent player. He would be a great mentor. Yes.
I remember you as John Johnson more, but I think you'd make a fine mentor!
Yup, amazing player who knows alot and I feel confident that they can be trusted to be a mentor. I am voting yes.
jack jackson more like mentor mentorson am i right
I can testify that Lord Birb is indeed a wise lord, a smart birb, and a wise and smart Lord Birb.
Jebus took long enough


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