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Mentor Application: Superlagg
Usual Character Name: Dan Kelly / FRANK.EXT
BYOND Username: Superlagg
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: Mornings and afternoons, PST. Awful internet connection permitting.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I've been playing since late April of 2016. In that time, I feel that I've gotten a good enough grasp on space to make it official that I'm a massive nerd. I enjoy teaching people how to do things, and not just because it lets me show off that I know a thing about a videogame; it's fun helping others to be able to enjoy a thing that I like.

On to my Space Resume!

I'm pretty good with and (on average) have fun playing the AI, typically eager to go along with whatever whatsit the crew has in store. I can lockdown the station with roving bands of securitrons in no time! Managed to survive a few Ass Days that way as the AI.

Routine hellburns are a typical staple of mine as the CE. I loved to heat up the engine to a zillion degrees, make loads of cash, then zap my way into the listening post and shower the crew with syndie armor and hologram projectors. I dialed it back a bit once I realized the engine was setting the bar on fire, relegating it largely to antag activity. As a traitor CE, I'd show the crew how much safer the TEG was than the Singularity, pumping hotloop gas into the hookups and incinerating anything remotely flammable, then finishing off everything else with Space's Hottest Wires.

Chemistry is oodles of fun! From the first time I penned someone with self-igniting napalm / blackpowder, I was hooked. While I haven't figured out any of the secret chems (without code diving), I think I understand much of the general mechanics involved. Some of my highlights include: finding a way to smoke nitroglycerin, realizing that foam is far more effective than calomel at clearing stuff out of people, making quick scripts for fueltank salbutamol that works sometimes, and chilling beer with cryostylane. That, and abusing the living daylights out of ice cubes and cryoxadone.

I made strange reagent as a borg a few times. Sure love being an unstoppable unkilling machine.

I still have a lot of things to learn, some of which being:

Toxins. Never made a working bomb, TTV or otherwise. Still trying to figure out how to make the gas do the thing where it'll go boom. Got the gas nice and hot though.

Botany. I mean, I understand some of its basic mechanics, I've just never had the heart to put them into practice. Made some exploding tomatoes, though.

Cheffery. Never took the time to learn. This'll likely change with mentorship, though; more areas to assist!

Mechcomp. Too smart for me.

IRC. Gotta remember to check it. And actually open it.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
To my knowledge, I haven't been banned (yet).
However, I did get shamecubed for stealing the Janitor's spraybottle as a drone. Gave it back, though.
And I accidentally blew up medbay with a crate of erebite as a non-antag. (Gibbed the heck out of Grifflez, though)
Once I was yelled at for wave-spamming the AI as a ghost. Forgot why I did that, surely something dumb.
And I accidentally blew up medbay again with a welder tank while I was cargo-teleporting people into Robotics.
Dan Kelly is super fun and cool and knows a lot of things. Absolutely yes.
I thought you already were a mentor yes
I thought you applied the other day and/or were already a mentor! Yes to this, clearly knows their chem stuff and has played a lot
I am voting yes.
Heck yes. A person I think is rather good. Invaluable hairstyle advice.
honestly thought you were one already and am confused as to why youre not
Would definitely make a good mentor.
Aye. [Image: Transparent.gif]
Make this Superlagg a mentor!
They're knowledgeable!
Ye ye.
yes for dom killy
Yes for crazy-smart hyperactive twitching blur with better blue hair than me.
Ja, er ist sehr robust.
Good player with a recognizable name who helps to make goonstation a fun place to play

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