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Station of Despair. Final Chapter
A few days had passed since the last motive had been issued to the crew.  Activity had slowly came to a near standstill.  The cyborg got impatient and, taking one of his bodies, wandered out the halls to the nearest people it could.  They were sitting around the table, not doing anything in particular...what were their names?  Marcy, Barry, and Large was it?

"Hey, you guys talkin about anything interesting?  Best way to eviscerate a guy in his sleep maybe?  He he...he?"

No response.

"Ya know, I'm getting kinda tired of the silent treatment from you people.  Is it so much to ask you to do SOMETHING that keeps me entertained?"  It moved closer, analyzing the situation as he got closer.  "I mean, maybe baby proofing security took away too many fun tools for you guys to........." The cyborg finished scanning.  Absolutely no response.  No thoughts, no movement.  Only actions are breathing and staring forward.

Brain dead.

The cyborg checked the cameras again, zooming in on every single living participant.  After checking, it suddenly took a screwdriver out and jammed it into Large's eye hard.

No response.

God damn it.  It looked awkwardly off to the side as Large's eye socket started dripping blood onto the really neato screwdriver before activating the intercomms around the station.





A gunshot could be heard in the distance before...

"Are you fucking kidding me?  Again?"


The cyborg and the noticeably alive Irene Robinson stood near the cloning machine as it did its work.

"I'm telling you, this is just what happens after the number of times the cloning machine is used reaches a million.  It says right here in the instructions.  And I really need to recommend agains-"

"We're doing it again.  We have to do this."  Irene worked at the computer, spitting the words out.  "Are you working on the knockout drugs?  Instead of standing there like a moron?"

The cloner dings and spits out a naked Adam.  The cyborg immediately injects him with Capulettium.  "Huh?  What the...hell is...Irene?...*yawn*..."*thud*.

"No.  I'm just standing here listening to you speak.  Like a moron."

"Remind me to add a law that prevents you from sassing me in private.  So we're cloning this one last and starting again."

The cyborg let out a sigh...somehow.  "Recording attempt #32678.  All time low of three deaths.  One killer, one victim, one rule breaker.  Recording complete.  So why are we still doing this?"

"Because we need to prove to humanity.  We need to show them the pointlessness of the hope they cling to.  We need t-"

"Okay okay, little miss ego trip.  Let's just get this over with and hope this time everyone doesn't succumb to braindeadness.  Pretty unlikely if you ask me..."


"I am your captain.   Cyborg 3377247.  But you can just call me "Captain".  Now let's get things out of the way quickly."  He points to a table with several tablets.  "These handbooks will be required for your life upon this station.  Just slide your ID to claim it.  After that, your name and ONLY your name will be on it.  Those things will have the rules and a nice little map you can use.  Isn't it so much better than a stupid piece of paper?  All right, you get around to reading that at some point.  I don't care if you do it right now or not.  As long as you all understand where you stand in this.  After all, it will all be necessary for the fifteen of you spending the rest of your lives here."

Irene lets out her line, almost as if on cue.  "Excuse me. I signed up for a year. Did you misspeak?"

"No, I didn't.  Everyone is supposed to be here for a year only.  The cyborg is probably just playing a joke or something.  You clearly made a mistake with some of this.  First off, we're only supposed to be living up here for a year.  Second, Rule 6 seems to be encouraging dangerous actions.  What exactly are you trying to do here?  Do you understand what you're even doing?  Actually, do me a favor and state your laws right now.

The plan in place once again, everyone responding like clockwork at this point.  The beginning is kind of boring.  But I wonder...what motive should I present this time?  Oh, what if I hid that weapon there...or what if...

As boring as the start is, I truely could watch these idiots find new, fun ways to kill each other for a long time.  He he he...

Being built for this station has proven to be interesting.

---Bad End---
oh gosh
i died for a little while and have so much to read

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