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HoS Application: Flourish
Usual Character Name: Roco Berry/Olivia Ren/Alice Quarts (for full disclosure - not that anyone knows them - I’ve also played Felicity Lim, Mona Euda, and Astrid Lim)
BYOND Username: Flourish
Recommended by: Bologna Prime
Times Available: Weekday evenings (EST), weekends

Reason for Application:
Oh dear, where do I start? I guess, first, I'd like to say that I'm trying to present as accurate a profile as possible in this application. I may not always live up to these things I'm saying, but I do think that I'm being honest and sincere.

Personally, I find myself much more inclined to join as a sec officer if there's a HoS. It's reassuring knowing that you have competence and experience on your side, and also riot shotguns and stinger grenades if things start to go terribly awry. I want to bring that sense of security to those on the station and commandeer that certain kind of respect.

Why exactly do I want to be HoS? I guess it really comes down to two main reasons - access and authority. As a sec officer, my limited access can make it difficult to catch gun-toting, clown-beating, bee-murdering, farting motherfuckers. If there's some criminal in chemistry or QM or what have you, I'll have wait patiently for the AI (if there is one) to open the door, and in that time, who knows what could have happened? My limited authority makes it difficult to enforce certain things, such as demotions or punishments other than briggings. My word doesn't have very much weight; often I find myself unable to make the crew pay attention to station affairs and happenings (the access to announcement computers really would be useful). I'm just some irrelevant member of "shitcurity" who sounds kinda ridiculous when she keeps checking up with the crew over the radio. And of course, a cool egun and a nifty hat or beret make this prospect even sweeter.

As sec, aside from breaking up scuffles and chasing after troublemakers, I understand that my job also entails providing some challenge for antags and thereby making things more interesting. I'm not there just to arrest people when they do bad things, but also to make it more difficult for them to do bad things in the first place. My presence forces antags to put in more effort and to be more clever and discreet. While I am disappointed in myself when I don't manage to catch any criminals at all, I try to recognize that I'm still doing something.

Will being HoS paint a (much) larger target on my back? Definitely. Will the number of times I've been murdered go up exponentially? Of course. Will my loss of ID put the station in much more potential peril? Pretty much, yeah. But I believe that I'd be able to put my position to good use and learn from whatever experiences that would come my way.

I want to be able to foster a sense of camaraderie with the crew, force antags to play smarter, and provide an enjoyable time to everyone playing (or observing!). I realize that being a HoS won't automatically make me better or more effective at my job, but I think the tools that come with that position would definitely help me become so.

Security Experience:
I've been playing sec on and off (on 2) for many months (and really, I enjoy it for the most part), and I'd like to think that I have fairly decent judgement and a mild temperament. I'm not terribly unrobust, and my knowledge of game mechanics is fairly in-depth.

In the field, I try to not let my frustration get the better of me, and I acknowledge my mistakes and shortcomings. I'm not very keen on beating up or killing criminals unless necessary (usually when I don't have the means to subdue them nonlethally but also if someone's proven themselves a major threat - lings and wizards come to mind easily); I believe that it's important to allow some chance at redemption or revenge. If a criminal does die on my hands, I try my best to get them cloned or borged. When it comes down to things, though, if someone (especially a nonantag) has been constantly engaging in disruptive behavior just to get a kick out of it, I don't have a whole lot of sympathy.

As for my general approach and attitude, I'd like to say that I'm fairly reasonable and easygoing. If you shove me, I'll shove back. If I catch you breaking into somewhere, you'll either get flashed and dragged out or ticketed. More serious offenses, of course, get brig time and a talking to. Recently I've taken to dying hair and making people write apologies for their crimes. I enjoy deputizing trustworthy clowns, and, no, I don't have a grudge against staff assistants (I've been saved by them multiple times).

I think communication and coordination are crucial to a successful security team. Radios and PDA's are immensely useful, and I'm not a big fan of people who don't use or ignore them. I like RPing a bit here and there and also getting feedback on my playstyle (though I rarely, if ever receive it in a constructive manner). When I'm not actively trying to apprehend anyone, I spend my time patrolling, chatting with the crew, and drinking copious amounts of Robust Coffee. As needed, I'll patch up breaches, clone and borg bodies, and perform surgery.

I've learned a lot as a sec officer. How it's okay to retreat, and when I should; how to convince crewmembers to cooperate; how to manage my inventory efficiently; how frustrating it is when people decide to antagonize sec just for shits and giggles... Of course I'm not always successful, and I make mistakes (whether in regards to these specific things, or just in general). It can be overwhelming running around trying to catch criminals, brigging them promptly, and keeping track of and fulfilling the crew's requests. Things will and definitely do slip through the cracks.

No matter how idealistic the first portion of my application may be, I also know that I can't expect too much from the station or myself. The current state of security is a bit disheartening, and people can still be very rude. I do sometimes find myself burning out. The Head of Security, like a wise person once said to me, isn't supposed to be "an indomitable sec titan". I don't expect to suddenly become robust or really all that respected, or to bring peace to the station. I just want to be able to play a position that I think would contribute to the fun of the game.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
Cog1's security layout, I feel, is a bit lacking. Genpop is rarely used due to how easy it is to break out (or in), and there's no incentive to put more than a single criminal in at once. I think it would be nice if there were a medbooth near the podbay - or even just a surgery table and a scalpel and a circular saw. It'd make checking for implants a lot easier, and probably encourage more people to do so.
The NSS Destiny's security layout is honestly pretty decent, taking into account the (typically) less chaotic nature of LLJK1. Though, it does seem a bit weird if melting a single wall can get you access to the armory. The thing I'd like to see the most, however, would be repositioning the punching bag in Genpop to directly right of the weight machine, thus pushing the arcade game and slots machine one tile to the right each.

Previous Bans:
I am not observant enough to go into any more detail but Oliva Ren is a more competent officer than me so I guess I can give the ok on this one.
You got my vote. Great security player that I see on a bunch and I've seen handle a wide array of situations with a level head. Only complaint is that you sometimes search people outside of security but that's pretty minor. One of the two new faces I see play the role that I think would make a damn near perfect Head of Security.
Very good player, both as security and outside of it, always fun to see and levelheaded when dealing with shit. I'd trust them with the beret any day.
Fun to play with, and definitely cares enough about sec to be a good HoS. As one of the few frequent sec players I've come across in recent times, I'd be glad to see Flourish become Head of Shrek.
I've seen Roco Berry pretend to be Olivia Ren plenty of times. She is a fair police officer. I've never seen her lose her cool. Plus she even clones prisoners that suicide when they get brigged, I mean who has that kind of class anymore really? 

Give the HoS. +1. Upvote. #Trending
Good sec player who cares about improving their play-style, and is around a lot. We need some more new HoS and Flourish would fit right in. hell yeah man
i've definitely seen roco berry and felicity lim around bucket loads, roco as sec quite a bit, from memory. yes
Olivia Ren is LITERALLY the non-HoS sec I am most likely to listen to and trust, for whatever that is worth.
Sorry you kept asking me to mentor you and then I was just like gone, also didn't know you were Olivia which is good sec I was wondering who that was. Yes from me
Olivia Ren is hands-down the best officer to grace the station. Yes from me
I find people who are better at things than me frightening. Because of this, I am utterly terrified of Flourish. She also seems to have some good qualities like being pleasant, open to reflection and new ideas, and reliable, but I'm generally too busy cowering to notice. HoS she.
Definitely yes, Always fun to play with.
Rocco will definitely flourish with a beret.
Proficient and adaptable, considerate and responsible. Also plenty nutty when the situation calls for it.All Aboard the Bandwagon

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