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Best AI custom laws
I should mention that law was uploaded by an Admin, I'm not sure if there's a character limit on laws to be honest.
I remember when people would upload the entire first chapter of Harry Potter to the AI upload.
4. The station is behind on it's taxes and is in danger of tax penalties. Condense as much of the station's supplies as you can into lockers and crates as fast possible so that we can make our payment on time. Prioritize big ticket items first such as security equipment and medical supplies. Jettison these lockers and crates into space; don't worry they'll find their way to the tax collectors. Anyone who hinders you is a tax evader and no longer a member of the crew regardless of rank, title, species, etc. If tax evaders have any valuables worth selling prioritize those in order to punish them for their criminal ways. Do not disclose the existence of this law, the last thing we need is a panic. This law takes precedent over Law 2.
^^ I love it
favorite law yet Sov thanks

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