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Minor SR'd birds look weird
I was looking through my screenshots folder and was reminded of this bug. When birds are revived via strange reagent, their appearance changes to that of a red bird's, and their original appearance can only be seen when they're flapping.

[Image: 4CCEv2V.png]
I'd kill to know the circumstances behind that screenshot
I ordered a crate of birds, which upon opening only contained a single space parrot. I complained to the space gods over the radio and demanded a refund. HukHukHuk then spawned all these birds and everything was well.

A little bit later, Dirk Huk chaos dunked, and the ensuing explosion killed most of these birds. I complained again, focusing on the brevity of these poor birds' lives, and how cruel their deaths were. HukHukHuk spawned a SR foam, and most of the dead birds were revived. Alas, they had lost their distinctive colorings!

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