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Banned for not talking
i was playing with my friend when the adm start to joke with us, that was ok but then he permabanned us for metagaming and for not respond him

You have been banned by hufflaw.
Reason: Metagaming with his friend Joao_CSN, I would not have banned him had he not ignored several minutes of me trying to warn him about this. But he did and he did not respond in adminhelp until I jailed him so fuck him

What i do?
I wasn't joking with you, I was genuinely trying to get you to respond for several minutes because you were breaking our rules regarding metagaming and not saying a single word the entire round.

That you only responded after I jailed you and thought that for whatever reason me AdminPMing you is a joke really doesn't make me feel better after wasting my time trying to not ban you.

The appeal also doesn't follow the template either. Try again in a month. Also this is in the IRC section? What the fuck?

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