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Mentor application: HotCoffeeMug
Usual Character Name: Byron smail
BYOND Username: starvalt
Recommended by (if applicable):
Times Available: evening to midnight europe time (changes depending on other stuff)

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 

first time playing this game in early 2016 and landing on goon in some time at late summer.

Goon being mostly new grounds with pretty much everything being different i sticked to it and explored as much as i could with having pretty much only playing ss13 for a long time, during that time i learned multiple things what the game has to offer (mostly dying) and what random people in the hallways have to offer also.

i have been instrested engineering from the first time i saw someone on cog 2 do a hellburn and kill me with it starting my quest on mastering the engine wich has ended in success (kinda), with that i am also familiar with the basics of mechanics and know how to be a swedish chef and a bartender dishing out poison/food and drinks.

i am a ok bomb maker and all around ok doctor and geneticist, chemistry was a thing i tried to understand but it went nowhere due to multiple reasons.

telescience is a thing i like to do and due to it i have also exploder the station and debris field knowing them better than my own pockets (almost).

latest things i have played around with are quarter master and botanist and now knowing basics of QM and some stuff about botany both enough to tell someone how to get it going with the job.

there are lots of other shenanigans i have done but they do not fit here so ill just end it with why i want to be a mentor: i really like helping people the game is a interesting one and more people who know what to do would not hurt so i really hate it when i see new people not know what to do, i also like helping in other stuff and after the first app i had a couple people say i could be a mentor but the app was a mess so i decided to try again, also being a mentor makes helping easier due to some people don't just ask over the radio about their problems.
Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): none but a old one on hippie.
byron is a recognizable man. sure
Good chap, I reckon. Seems to know his stuff, is active. I'd like to see him purple.
He's very helpful in the discord chat whenever I see him, so I say purple he.
I seem this guy in Discord all the time and he spends most of that time answering questions and talking/explaining things about the game to other people in our Discord. I'm voting yes he clearly knows alot about the game and does what he can to help others already.

Opps "Seem" was meant to be "Seen" sorry for the typo!
Hot cofee mug displays a wide range of insight and a natural inclination towards helpfulness in the discord. I think he would make a superb mentor
Like others have said HCM is very active and usually helpful.

A yes from me.
I recognize HotCoffeeMug, Starvalt and Byron Smail as knowledgeable people.

I never really connected the three of them to be one person.
Yes, I remember them being a good person before my hiatus and seeing them now still a good person
mentor him yes

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