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schwicky's sprites
hey look. i made sprites. if i make more i'll probably post them here when they're done.

[Image: a91c45b5f39d09af00fb205ebd574c5d.png][Image: 6375d7f4d057219cb99dcee812307ba9.png]
PP-200 (w/ ammunition barrel)

[Image: 092fbc2ab59223c8b3ce8e0e8c23502a.png]
Clock 177

[Image: c1cbd91577dddce3e082cb8c6b5085cc.png]
Survival Machete
A machete based off those employed by the Spetsnaz.

[Image: 2e46059220b04b46c78845ca13762c87.png]
Retro Phone
One of my first sprites; intended to be an alternate skin for the station-based radio.

[Image: d13f6e9c2f45cb2c715a2f504250ac90.png]
Bea's Clothing (Night in the Woods)
because I am NITW trash and mageziya already made mae's outfit
haven't updated my sprites thread in forever but whatever
i made some new sprites

high-vis vest, for wearing with the hard hat and pretending you're safe from anything at all

a nice button-up and some jeans to go with the vest

some work boots too

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